Monday, December 17, 2012

Detailed explanation of 9-11: Who is Behind the Scene

This is a very well made and informative video on who was behind the scenes for the 9/11 destruction of the twin towers.  The video points to corporations that were directly connected with the Bush family who were under security contracts for the World Trade Center and many airports.  In fact it was George Bushes brother who owned the company called Stratesec Inc.  The video mentions names such as Wirt Walker III and Barry McDaniel who no one can find any images of, BDM International, the Carlyle Group a Bush/Bin Laden business partnership.  This video is a must watch, take some notes and do some research yourself.

Please view to get the truth out and force responsibility for this disaster. - 9/11 Black Ops Agents Exposed! Secret Conspirators Revealed!

Margie Burns Article on Stratesec:
Even the Debunkers can't find any good excuses for these facts:
Archived Version of's website:
Barry McDaniel's LinkedIn Profile (It was recently changed to remove some of the information mentioned in this video)
Evidence that can convict Wirt Dexter Walker III of insider trading with regards to 9/11:
Barry W. McDaniel is a manager at WSI Group International LLC - Corporation, a Homosassa, Florida company
See also Henry E. Wilkins, also of "World Security Initiatives, Inc", of Homosassa, FL (detective, armored car services)
3930 S Gemini Point, Homosassa, FL 34448...looks like just an old house in a swamp area:
Most of the material for this video was sourced from these Articles by Kevin Ryan:
KuwAm and Stratesec: Directors and investors that link 9/11 to a private intelligence network:
BDM International's Website:

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