Friday, October 21, 2005



In The Name of God The Merciful , The Compassionate

Once more The American Occupation Forces are confirming their Violation of all Human Rights , International Laws & United Nations Charter . The Occupation Forces Conducted a Strike on the Districts of Albou-Fahd , Albou-Farraj & Al-Soufeya in Ramadi .

The Victims of the US Areial Bombings were 25 Child , it is to be Mentioned that the Reported Casualties are to be 70 Dead & more than a 100 Wounded .

We are Appealing all Establishments & Humanitarian Organizations & on Top of Them The UN , To Stop this Bloodshed & The Collective Extermination Operations Committed against the Iraqi People .We are Crying out for & Urging the Human Conscience to Save the Iraqi Man from all These Crimes Committed against him . The War Crimes against Humanity which are Rejected by all International Laws & Traditions.

Ezz-Al-Iraq Caring Establishment
For Motherhood , Childhood & Handicapeds
General Headquarters
Baghdad - Iraq
17 October 2005

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