Thursday, December 03, 2009

Moving Mountains....22 days until Christmas

You have heard it said, that if we have faith, we have the power to move mountains!
Know that you have that within you, you are a mountain moving machine!

“ If you have faith as a grain of musterd seed you can say to this mountain : move ! And it will move ! And nothing will be impossible to you. “

How do we get the faith to move the mountains?

Well, it is not by sititng and doing nothing, saying...I have faith that this and this will happen! Nothing happens if you sit still.

First, you have to know that you have God on your side, and he wants nothing but the best for you.  Knowing that the creator of creators is right next to you, should be encouraging enough to know that you already have that faith!

Who is better to sit by your side?  Who loves you more?  Who holds your hands when you are down?  Who jumps for joy when you do? 

It is the knowing, that builds your faith.  There is a difference between knowing and having knowledge.  It is that inner belief, that you already have been created wonderful and perfect!  Because he would made you is wonderful and perfect!  He cannot make mistakes.

With that, then you can have a dream and desire to move forward.  He will be your strengh as you walk your walk. How can you loose?

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