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IAP Worldwide Services

Susan Brannon
10 July 2011

Please Note:  I understand that this is a complicated web, but I advise you to take some time and browse through the links and articles listed on the bottom of this post.  If you read the information, you will start to realize how this mess with our money spent on wars, are connected with oil, our government officials, and the contractors. 
IAP Worldwide Services ,Cape Canaveral, Fla
IAP also has a corporate tie-in with Halliburton-KBR on multi-billion dollar Iraq contracts.
•    IAP Chief Executive Officer Al Neffgen, who joined the company in December 2004, served as KBR's chief operating officer of government and infrastructure for the Americas, 
  1. while President Dave Swindle was vice president of KBR's business acquisition and national security programs before joining IAP in April 2005. Chuck Dominy, a retired Army lieutenant general, joined IAP in July 2005 after serving for years as Halliburton's chief lobbyist in Washington. (Kwait Times)
IAP was founded in 1990 by a former Army logistician as the United States was preparing for "Operation Desert Storm," and now has 5,500 employees. Cerberus became majority owner in May 2004

•    Former Treasury Secretary: John Snow's Cerberus Capital Management LP owns Cape Canaveral, Fla.-based IAP, which is led by former executives from Halliburton's engineering, services and construction subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root). KBR is currently the Army's sole contractor for providing food and shelter to the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the Army now wants multiple contractors for these services and KBR is bidding again. Some defense analysts are predicting both KBR and IAP, which is run by former
•    Mr. Snow's Cerberus Capital Management LP owns Cape Canaveral, Fla.-based IAP, which is led by former executives from Halliburton's engineering, services and construction subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root).
•    KBR executives, will each win one of the 10-year deals that start in 2007.
•    Americans were suddenly awakened to the demonic nature of the cabal and its Bush junta: it was revealed that their greed for profits had led to wounded American war veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital being housed in rat-infested quarters and receiving sub-standard medical service. This entire calamity was created by the Bush junta privatizing services at Walter Reed. Bush toadies gave the service contract to a company called IAP Worldwide Service, run by a former Halliburton executive.
•    IAP Worldwide Service received a $120 million contract to run portions of the hospital's services called facilities management. Immediately after, facilities management staff was reduced from 250 to 50 privately employed workers. IAP Worldwide Services received the contract in spite of its being found to have provided substandard service in fulfilling its multi-million dollar contracts in providing military support in Iraq and in failing to provide ice cubes to Katrina victims.
•    Walter Reed, is only the latest in a long line of serious problems involving the company and its officers. IAP’s President, Alfred V. Neffgen, was formerly Chief Operating Officer for KBR's government operations group, which was forced to repay tens of millions of dollars to the Defense Department for food and fuel overcharges in Iraq.
•    IAP is also tied-in with Halliburton/KBR on multi-billion dollar Iraq contracts. Halliburton is a major defense contractor once headed by Vice President Cheney, that has had its own history of problems with fraud and overcharges related to its management of sole-source projects in Iraq, particularly the multi-billion dollar LOGCAP contracts to provide privatized logistics, food and housing for US forces in Iraq, and the similar no-bid RIO contract awarded to KBR to repair and maintain Iraq’s oil fields and pipelines. (Daily Kos)

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