Saturday, November 21, 2009

World Health Organization and the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Scam...

One year in prison and 250,000 fine if you do not take the shot...a proposal on the pandemic...
The video says...they, but I am not sure who they this human rights? Don't we have the right to choose?

"They had to find a way to make a profit, on something they could not sell in America, they dumped the aids tainted blood in Japan and many people got sick" "No one has gone to prison over this"

"Surge in shots in children...the effects of this people move forward, is going to manifest itself in many different ways" (10 to 24 vaccines...increase..we are injecting our children 10 times the FDA approval) Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"The companies will be safe by a limitation on damages, if anything were to go wrong" In Canada, the public health agency has no plans to compensate the thousands of people that will be injured by the swine flu vaccine" "Hundreds and thousands of people will become sterile, brain damage, by taking this vaccine, they are admitting it and know that they will be sued"

Can you tell me without any doubt that the mercury in the vaccines, will cause any damage in the children? "I cannot tell you, I am not sure", "Then why are you giving these vaccines, when there is an upsurge in autism? And you continue to tell me that you are not sure?"

Watch for yourself:

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