Monday, April 24, 2017

Donald Trump can’t stop this.

The lost streets of Chicago - BBC News

So, where is the war?  It seems to be everywhere these days.

Baltimore: 'This is what poverty in the US looks like' - BBC News

Venezuela: 'Government doesn't want you to see the mess it's in' BBC News

Friday, April 21, 2017

North Korea, China, Japan, Russia, in a nutshell.

Conflict in Asia is moving fast and difficult to analyze quickly.  First of all, it is hard for me to trust mainstream given their admitted "fake news" with the NY Times. (video below this article).  Taking what is out there for us to cypher through takes being there to really know the reality.

Second, North Korea launched a failed missile last week to show muscle strength.  (video below). I doubt that NK has the weapons that can reach the west coast of the United States.  The way they may be able to succeed is by the use of submarines.  However, President Trump and other nations are attempting to peacefully hold them back through sanctions.  We need to have a good relationship with South Korea and their election for a new president will be in the beginning of May.  It would be best if Trump would wait to see who gets elected to understand their stance on the threat of conflict in that region.  At this point, South Korea and Japan are quickly installing a THAAD anti-missle system to track and shoot down incoming rockets from hitting the ground.  Surely, they feel the tension in the region.  North Korea, regularly threatens Japan, but this time with other nations ships in the sea, they feel the threat has increased in possibilities.

I do not think that North Korea will launch a nuclear weapon, because to do this would be suicide for them and Kim Jung Un is an intelligent man.  Culturally, he need to flex some muscles at this point.  It is also important to be aware that the need to maintain ones identity in face of the perceived threat from the US, is culturally strong.  When any nation, including the United States feels threatened, they will not just sit down and watch.  As with any leader, the leader must show equal force to the threat and take a stand for his or her people and country.

China's foreign minister views our presence as a threat to the region and would like us to withdrawal our missiles and stated that the US and North Korea are like" two speeding trains hurtling towards each other", he revealed in his speech  (video below) Yesterday, China continued to conduct training exercises near the Korean peninsula as their way of showing NK, to be careful.  Although China requests that the US withdrawal our nuclear weapons, they

Many nations have felt threatened either perceived or real with the election of President Trump, after he decided to have a clear military presence of generals near his side.  When military strength starts to become evident and flocked around, people get nervous keeping in mind the continuous military take incursions of other nations.  Iraq is a good example of a war that has been continuous costing trillions of US dollars and killing thousands of people was based on lies that were admitted and yet that "war" that was said to have stopped rolls on and on.  We have started wars over the bombing of the Trade Towers and yet, it is not yet proven without a doubt who was responsible and how the buildings fell down.  The US is still in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Syria because of the US created (admitted) ISIS group, then Osama Bin Ladan, who does not exist anymore...or does he?  (I had to throw that in there). Of course the other nations do not trust the US who flexes its muscles at whomever it desires to do so.

In the meantime, Iran is in the picture with the United States considering lifting sanctions on nuclear deals.  (video below) while Russia warns the US if they attack North Korea (video below). Russia feels that moving the DPRK missiles is not a way to come to a peaceful resolution.  I agree.

The UN Security Council warns NK from continuing with their nuclear tests or face sanctions while Russia moved troops and equipment to the NK border.  (video below) It is time for Kim Jung Un to humble himself before his people and stop the testing of his weapons.  He is surrounded by armies of many nations and to continue to do his testing could possibly be an act of suicide.

Now keep in mind that there has been an international problem with North Korea for a long time and this conflict has finally come to a head, hopefully they can resolve this problem peacefully.

As for Syria, they recently moved its warplanes to a Russian base in fear of US strikes.  (today, 20 April). Nikki Haley the US ambassador to the United Nations said that "Regime Change in Syria is now a top priority for Trump."  We knew that a regime change was the objective, and this is against Russia's desires.  Note:  Regime change was a concern 6 months and a year ago.  It seems that Trump is keeping the same objectives as the past presidents of the US.  (video's below)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Venezuela: Riots in Caracas as ‘Mother of All Protests’ escalates

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This is How You Harm the Image of Independent News and the Fight against MSM

This is an example of how independent news can get a bad rap.  He does uncover some things, and somehow has a ton of money to report...but doing this?  Is not creditable for the battle against MSM.

Harming the Battle Against Mainstream by doing this

This is an example of how independent news can get a bad rap.  He does uncover some things, and somehow has a ton of money to report...but doing this?  Is not creditable for the battle against MSM.

Live Steve Stephen planing his rampage full clip

Is this real?  He realizes that he snapped, but still plans on killing another person?  he is talking about shaming, not going to work etc...strange. I feel like something is off here with the media.  If they could catch an independent journalist reporting in the field, streaming live, then why could they not find this shooter?

CPD To Shut Down Live Stream, on independent media. Censorship

Censorship, of independent media, reporting on the Cleveland shooter with 30,000 people watching a live stream

Google Boycotted Easter

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Loneliness by Carter Conlon

This is great.  Today we have more lonely people in America than before.  With the distance of families, social networking, Facebook, staring at phones rather than conversations at dinnertime.  Running here and there on this metro, or bus, or alone in your car.  This is encouraging.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Proven Fake war crimes, BBC in 2014 Syria ISIS to justify war

This is a blurry video, I did not try to find the original footage..yet.

Think about this, proven faked war crimes back in 2014.  Has anything changed?

This is to justify going in taking over a country and bombing it spending trillions of dollars.

Remember we started ISIS.  Folks, what is going on today is the same game.

SCRIPT - Top 10 Staged Media Events!

This one is good about Fake News, think about what is going on now...Chemical da do!!  America, goes in to save the day!  woopie!  Yeah!!  Russia oh ignore them.  Japan, cries chemical weapons may drop from North Korea.  okay folks.  what is going on?

SCRIPT - Top 10 Staged Media Events!

This one is good about Fake News, think about what is going on now...Chemical da do!!  America, goes in to save the day!  woopie!  Yeah!!  Russia oh ignore them.  Japan, cries chemical weapons may drop from North Korea.  okay folks.  what is going on?

SHOCKING - Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

my condensation trail on a cold day from my breath continues to exist for 2 miles when I am taking a hike!  really!

Dove Soap Ad Features Transgender “Mom" Who is Baby's Biological Father,...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Steve Pieczenik And Alex Jones Discuss Current Geopolitical Situation

the title of this blog still stands...sarcastically it has never been over

I-85 Bridge Collapse: Google Street View From Before the Collapse!

35 Years HOMELESS and then this Happens!!!!

FBI Rereleases 9/11 Pentagon Photos of American Airlines FLT 77 and Resu...

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Savage Begs Trump To Stop WWIII

Hillary is happy that Trump is doing this.  Go figure.  We have a bunch of war mongers in the white house.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Iran calls for Probe into Chemical Attack

Iran and Russia Response to American Missile attack on Syria

What others are saying: an analysis. Of course this becomes a stand off, Russia feels threatened by our actions and lack of communication (respect) with Russia to let them know what is going on. It is like when you are an aid agency in another country and you go in and do stuff without collaborating with other aid agencies and the local governments about what you are planning to do. Isn't there an etiquette in wars that are on other soil when a new country decides to get involved? Imagine that America is having positive results on the ground in a country and another country decides to come in and just do whatever they want using military power, sticking their nose in your face. Would you not be a bit irritate? Here are some videos that are not on our mainstream news. Attacks are a Lie: US Can't Aim Russia Halts Deal

Analysis of the American Missile Attack on Syria


Dear President Trump,

Regarding to Foreign Policy:
I am saddened by our recent strike in Syria. I disagree that this is for protection of America, this conflict is on foreign soil, not ours.  I am speaking from a person who served 10 years (non military) in the ME as a photojournalist/reporter, humanitarian worker with a master in conflict analysis.  Please do not pull our sentimental strings on this recent chemical attack as justification for us to spend money that we do not have to go into another country with feet on the ground diving into another endless war.
What did Assad have to gain by launching a chemical attack on his own citizens?  Nothing, because he knows the last thing that he needed to do when other countries are staring him down was to provoke  conflict with US, Britain, etc...  He is not a stupid man.  Where did the reporting come from regarding this attack? The doctor was a part of a group connected to the kidnapping of the British reporter, tweeted at the same time, videoing men with white helmets directly touching victims without protection and an Assad hating man released images. The nerve agent used will immediately kill those who come in contact within one minute of exposure, they need a gloves,  gas masks and no one was harmed without protection?  Hello?
You talk about fake news and propaganda, but where are your intelligent advisors?  This seems to be a story written for the dumbing of Americans.  This is a time warp situation, from 2003, to justify the evasion.  You could have been Blair or Bush.  Either the situation was created (beautiful babies? really?) to be a problem emotional reaction, solution.  My question to you is who benefits?  My conclusion is the benefit is to remove Assad from control and take over the country.  No one waited before we went in, to investigate the attack.  We do not know the delivery system of the attack, the principle is don't let too long go before response, because the chance to respond will get destroyed.
I now believe that you are also controlled by the same people Hillary was, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya were countries on her list. We were lied to once (Iraq) now it is the same.  I voted for you.  If this is not true,  then please, send me to DC and  let me speak to your generals.  Let me be on your advising team as an American citizen to offer a different perspective from those who have been in key positions for a long time. I speak four languages, worked in international mediation.

Thank you.

My additional take:

Nothing has changed, the same countries named the same situation.  Syria is a proxy war.  A British official admitted that two years ago that there were preparing something in Syria through the invasion of rebels. This is  before it all started, before the connection to Israel.  November 30, 2010, one month before the Arab Spring, US warfare unconventional warfare strategy requires that target state population perceptions are first grouped into accepting an armed interaction using propaganda, political psychological evidence to discredit the government creating local and national agitation, helping organize boycotts, public strikes and protests. to suggest public discontent before public propaganda, money, weapons and materials are brought in.  If the target country responds through retaliation then the resistance can exploit the negative consequences to garner more sympathy and support by the population emphasizing the sacrificing and hardships on the behalf of the people to use that for our benefit.

Putin could see where this was going before the U.S. election that they were not trying to remove ISIS from the Middle East and from Syria, because the idea was to use ISIS that America created was a way to get rid of Assad. (remember the loss of trillions of dollars in the pentagon?) If Putin did not give air support to Assad, then Assad would be gone by now.  The place would be overrun by Saudi funded, American ISIS madmen.  With the help of Putin's army, Assad has been able to push back these funded ISIS terrorists taking back Allepo and pushing back Palmyra.  The civil war has gone on for over 5 years where half the country has been destroyed.

The plan to remove Assad did not work with Putin being successful, the oil executives said for the first time that removing Assad would not be a prerequisite for solving the problem in Syria.  In turn, this Syrian gas attack, based on no evidence, has been used quickly to justify the incursion into Syria.

So now, where does that leave Russia and China?  The prize country or next country will be Iran.  If Syria goes as a result of this hoax then Iran and then Lebanon will be next.  Putin has called off the attack as unjustified, as he is right.  Remember how our mainstream media started talking about Russia lately, demonizing them as the enemy is all part of the strategy.

A side note:  This is a good example of how the public is duped by propaganda and fake news.  Mainstream reporters gets the daily telly, and if they question what they are reading then they are ridiculed by their peers.  This is arrogance and ignorance to transform global society into justification of power.

Think about the recent censorship going on with You Tube, Twitter and the tickers for Google news.  Think about how Germany is going to fine hate speech with 5 million in fines for social media.
The original plan? He did not let Russia know.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Pedophiles Rule the World

this is not fake news.  Guys this is real


This guy has documents regarding chemtrails.  They are spraying worldwide, into our air, water, on the food, soil and our animals are increasing with cists and tumors.  Anyone want to start a petition?


boycott nestle

Wednesday, April 05, 2017


More fake news, CNN...this is real folks.  You must research evidence on things yourself.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

An Important Message About YouTube and Freedom

This is true.  I have been putting fake news out there for a reason.  It is called censorship.  Our communication outlets are censoring those that advertising does not want to support.  It is not freedom, it is control.  Demonetizing, is a way that You Tube is doing this.  I suppose we need to find another outlet for freedom of speech.

Dead Shopping malls.

Think about the economical ramifications of the malls closing. sigh. A few days ago I read that Sears, K-Mart and JC Penny's are closing a ton of stores throughout the U.S. and over 10,000 jobs will be lost. Once they close, the other smaller stores will follow in these malls and more jobs will be lost.  

Many of those who lost their jobs in 2008, have not been able to find jobs similar to the ones they had before and many went to work in minimum wage retail along with high school and college students. Where are these workers going to go? Where are they going to work? Our country is falling fast. The closing of the malls is due to technology and shopping online. Shopping online is not the same as store shopping.

Oh the hassle, it never is what you thought that it was going to be, it never fits how you hoped, or does not look good on you. The colors are different, you have no idea of the fabric, what type and what percentage. It is hard to find out where the garment or item was made (maybe you ban products from China), then if it does not go well, you have to box it up, go to the PO and ship it back, hoping for credit to hit your account so you can try again.

I hate shopping online. I like the personal touch, talking to a human and giving a smile. I like trying the item on, feeling the fabric and making sure that the white blouse is not see through. I like walking in a variety of shoes because who knows if one will feel better than the other? I like looking at the computers to decide which one I want to purchase and get that tech geek to guide me through the new technology....without having to google through 10 sites, getting different opinions, answers, reviews, some are trolled, some comments are paid for to increase visibility.

Dead Shopping Malls. My uncle designed the first shopping mall over 40 years ago in California. It was a big hit, it was one of those outdoor ones. Then he designed an enclosed mall for colder regions. I was so proud for him! He made a killing, financially and he would be sad to see what is happening now. I am sad to see that Sears, oh good ole Sears with good quality at normal prices...closing? Wow.

Did those that shop online understand that they were participating in the closing of hundreds of businesses and aiding the loss of jobs? Did any city mayor that allowed Wal-Mart into their neighborhood understand what they were doing to their community, living wages and small businesses?

I saw this when more and more started to shop online. It slowly crept into our brains of "how time saving" it is.

I am going to miss the "teas", the lunches with my shopping friends and happy hour after. I am going to miss the memories of shopping with my mom, taking me out of school for a mom and daughter shopping day. Will you?

$9 Trillions Missing ($9,000,000,000,000) From Federal Reserve (old/reru...

Don't forget the missing 9 trillion.  wait, trillion?  Can you imagine how much that is?  Did anyone ever get convicted over this?  Was it ever found?  Does anyone know the outcome?

Anyone want to hand me 1 trillion?

Some interviews: We don't have to tell you where the money went Reports:

CNN Interviews Fake Police Chief

This guy has been calling CNN identifying himself as various people in charge of major news events.  CNN never fact checked who it was, and here are clips of various calls.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Disturbing Message To All Americans From Ex Defense Minister Of Canada

I stumbled onto this video recorded last March 2016 by Ex defense minister Paul T Hellyer.  He is respected and seems to want to get some things off of his chest.  Listen to him.  We have been dumbed down for a long time in our media and by our government(s).  The "fake news" continues for example, the "fire" that was started by three helpless, no name, no resources, homeless people was able to collapse a steel and cement bridge on a major highway in Atlanta I-85.  Really?

I am hoping that you have learned enough in school that a fire cannot collapse a major bridge like this one.  For these highways, semi's filled with fuel may topple over and blow up...they are made to withstand possible events on the highway.  So, if a semi loaded with fuel falls off the bridge and blows up below that bridge, the bridge would NOT collapse.  A simple fire, started by targeted homeless did NOT start that fire.  A fine example of lies told to the American public by all major news stations.

I bet the next thing is that they will start a major round up for all homeless people and put them somewhere for fear of being careless and causing another collapsed bridge.

I think that it is time to get ready folks, wake up, save seeds, store up water, something.


Mr. Paul T Hellyer is telling the truth here.  Please listen.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Pudie Pie, computer game jokester, censored from you tube?  He does not talk about politics...but is far right?  Really...they call it extremist videos.  You know like the one I just posted about Hillary wanting to a penis. and the videos that go along with that are not extremist.

Anyone who hints on challenging leftist ideology, should be removed...but the ISIS videos?  Oh!  They can stay.  They use restricted mode on You Tube, that removes all the videos....but CNN, CBS, MSNBC etc...on restricted mode videos stay.  The attempt is to demotivating everyone to make videos, keeping them from telling the truth.  hum?  You don't call this censorship?  If not, tell me why.

Hillary Caught On Tape Proposing Rigging Election - FULL AUDIO

there you go, real news.  The Jewish Press, released a tape, where Hillary said that they should make sure who wins in the Palestinian election, back when she was running in NY.

Did this make mainstream news?  Answer?....NO of course not.

Pilot Films - Chemtrail Tankers - Air To Air Video

Still don't believe?  What Mainstream is not telling you, nor investigating.

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP And Weather Manipulation

Chemtrails explained.  you know guys, they are real.  does anyone remember the skies of the past?  This is the new norm to those who were not alive, nor ever looked up in the skies.

CNN Investigates: Is Trump Afraid of Stairs? BIG NEWS

Oh My!  Big News!  CNN really?


Amazing CNN and MSNBC interviewing the same person Live at the same time!  Wow. You still believe Fake mainstream news?  really?  tell me why.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Have you seen this in the news?  If not, ask yourself why.  Mainstream is fake news, this is REAL news. So, what can we do about all these bird deaths, bird flu?

Monday, March 20, 2017

New Walvax 2 Aborted Fetal Cell Vaccine Created in China

Not Fake News, Not in Mainstream Media.  WI-38 vaccine with aborted white caucasian female fetus cells.  You can go to the CDC vaccines ingredient list and see WI-38 as an ingredient.  This video has the link to the CDC information.  Wake Up people Don't take vaccines, don't allow your children to have them either, or grandma.  Just saying

This Little Girl Began Feeding The Crows, Now They Bring Her Gifts

Being kind to animals, pays off!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


See?  You can't believe all that you hear.  Why?  Fake news works with agenda's.  Christianity, Gays, Rape, craziness.

The Study Shows of 14,000 U.S Deaths From Fukushima

So...RT news...Yes, Russian News has more truth than any American news outlet.  So, are you scared about the Russians?  Come On folks.  Listen, Learn, Pay attention.

Real people, real research, real discoveries.  Radiation detectors on West Coast shut down after Fukushima?  Are you kidding me?  AT RISK:  Children, Elderly and those under 150 pounds.  Thyroid cancer, leukemia...a few years after radiation exposure.

Fukushima news; Oregon SALMON COLLAPSE California COAST REPORT March 15 ...

Another topic mainstream ignores.  Something that is actually very important.  So, don't eat Pacific fish please, don't eat food from China or Japan.  CAUTION:  Language....ignore the guys, listen to their story...will ya?  Free Speech keep it alive

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Real War, It Has Begun, The War on Propaganda

Bikini Island, Freedom of Navigation, The War on Propaganda.
This is a different kind of war, technology, a war on the minds, a war to control and a war to tell lies.
The War on Propaganda.

I have to say something here to all of you that know me.  Back in the days during my photojournalism life in the Middle East, I would come to America and talk about the propaganda lies that you all are being fed, the untruths and the attempt to control your mind from the realities that were taking place.  The weapons of mass destruction, the killing of Osama Bin-Laden, The destruction and murder of millions of lives around truths that were not real.

People looked at me like I was crazy, no one really cared, everyone running around with their busy lives doing this and that while in the meantime billions were getting spent on something that was not real.  I know, I was there and the truth punched me in the face.  I could not remain silent.

The true war is not bombs, it is propaganda to justify the bombs.

I was called an activist, not photojournalist by American editors and pushed out of the mainstream media light, mocked and laughed at by corrupt journalists. Yet, there were some outlets that would publish my images and articles, all of them were outside of America on foreign soil.  When I would get discouraged, some stranger from somewhere out there would send an email, to encourage me to keep pushing forward and as a result, I would once again stand up and continue.  Although so many times, I felt like the voiceless voice of truth.  The speaker of untold stories. (the title of the book I am working on).

All these years, it has been a struggle for me morally, and economically.  I have had death threats while those in my country laughed at my face, rolled their eyes and looked at me like I was looney.

This is what happens to those who stand up for justice, even Martin Luther King was murdered for this.  This is how it is for those who stand up to moral values.  These are the people who should stand tall, look up and take firm steps.  I want to encourage those who stand for justice, the reporters that have no names, the ones that spend their entire lifetime yelling from the mountain tops to those who just might hear. As long as there is still a place that exists for using free speech we must continue to make use of it.  Don't give up!

Finally, a journalist gives a talk at a  university that allowed him to speak (in a different country of course) In this video, he says it like it is.  I encourage you to listen.


Guys, it is time to look up.  What mainstream is NOT telling you.  Our earth is changing and fish are dying all over the world every day.  From 2007 to 2012 81% of our freshwater fish growth declined.  It is time to get serious here no more joking around.  What I don't get is why news does not say one thing about this.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Don't forget what the documents actually said after their release.  Don't think that our government will not do this again.  It is not like I am looking for "things" It is important to be aware and not to listen to Mainstream, they ignored this information.

Bill Gates says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! (MUST WATCH)

Great job on new vaccines, better health care can reduce population by 10-12% I thought that it would make people healthier?  Reducing the population growth?  This does not make sense...this means that something must be wrong with the vaccines...He says two things, It is all about saving lives, but the good news is the population growth in the country goes down."  What?  Are we dumb?

Bill Gates BUSTED; India THROWS Out Foundation, Sues Gates For Dangerous...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Media Bias Fake News

CNN Cuts Feed of Obamacare Victims Explaining Problems with Current Heal...

More CNN cuts when those they interview do not say what they want.  Fake News, molding your minds.

MSNBC Host Trump Meltdown: "There is No Hope"

Weather I'm Right: Snowmageddon, Frankenstorm, Snowpocalypse, Preet Bhar...

Had to put this out there, this is hilarious!

Facebook Deleted Drudge Report Page

Censorship with Facebook...deleted Drudge report with 1.2 million people following it...claiming it was fake news.  Censorship Facebook.  Forget them

Snoop Dogg 'Assassinates' Trump in Lavender Music Video

The World Should React on Fukushima before it's too Late!

This is real news.  Why does mainstream with so much money and advertisers and readers ever talk about things that are real, have a real impact on the public and investigate these topics?  It is sad that more people watch and believe fake mainstream news over scientists and observers using their specialities to inform the public on issues.

Fukushima is vital information to know, then it is important to understand what we can do about it, how we can protect our future.

Former CIA Officer CONFIRMED Obama wiretapping Trump-Micheal Scheuer

I need to insert here...please ignore the dramatic music at the beginning.
I had a different video on this page, but it seems that You Tube deletes these types of videos.  The ones that may be considered fake news, or something.  I found this one that says the same thing the other one did.

If you ever stumble onto a video that has been removed, can you please let me know?
We seem to be having this problem more and more.  It is all about censorship, the decline of freedom of speech and controlling the minds of the population.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Tell a Fake News Story From a Real One

How Mainstream Media Fakes The News - Behind The Scenes

Mark Passio On The Abuse-Victim Cycle

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Greenwald: Empowering the "Deep State" to Undermine Trump is Prescriptio...

Wow Democracy Now!  Put this out?  At least some of the news outlets are addressing the problems with "Deep State" that exercises their powers without subjection to democracy.  Designed for propaganda and exert power separate and most of the time opposing the in power administrations.

Silent Coup: Obama, FISA, NSA, Deep State vs. President Donald Trump

Mark Levin Obama spied on President Trump 'Evidence is overwhelming'

Newt Gingrich on Bill O'Reilly Obama wiretapping 'Excellent disclosures ...

Monday, March 06, 2017

Tension is rising in America, the pot is about to tip over: America in Crisis

Okay, I must admit we are in interesting times here.  The Dems are mad at Trump winning and becoming the President of the United States...questioning the reality of the election, counts...(they tried).  They truly believe that Trump is not really the President.  It is coming out that Obama wiretapped Trump one month before the election.  That is actually not legal, to impose and listen to other parties plans, objectives, conversations etc...because it interferes with true competition for the political party.

Okay, so I understand that the Dems are not happy with what Trump is doing...although to be honest I can't understand why.  He is already working on more jobs, higher paying than the service industry through increasing manufacturing in America.  Charging higher tariffs on incoming products as the other countries charge us, developing programs for our failing infrastructure, and vetting new immigrants who want to enter into this country.  If I want to be a part of the EU, I have to be vetted, I have to prove that I can pay my why have we not been doing that here?  My tax money should go to those in need, who are Americans, homeless and hungry first.  What is wrong with that?

In the end, there are rumors of a Coup by Obama against Trump.  I have NOT checked any FACTS on this but I can see how the previous administration is using mainstream (back to mainstream and molding the minds of the public) to encourage civil outrage against Trump.  This is illegal, and is explained in this video.  It is clear that a strategic plan has been put into place from those who want Trump out, from the Russian involvement with the election, to trying to oust Session all the while crying "FAKE NEWS".  This way, when truths are leaked most of the public will roll their eyes and view the information as FAKE, thus blinding the people to the reality that is going on behind closed doors.

Realities that Trump nor anyone who is a logical and intelligent thinker would NOT cry out "wiretapping" making it public if they did not have the proof.  Session?  Well, who else met with the Russian ambassador while the country had to be run during an election?  I bet there is a list...I should find it.  The country does not stop running during an election, paychecks need to roll out, decisions need to be made.  Session is just to side track the public away from something else, some other news or political event.  Like possibly the wiretapping.

In the end, Someone wants power, someone wants money it is all about greed.  At least that is what I think when people can and are willing to do crazy things.  To gain access and control.  It is difficult to loose control once you have had it and if you have a big head, then it is even harder.

Tension is rising and the pot is at the boiling point.  In reference to my previous work in war zones and having a masters in conflict analysis, all it will take is one little thing to tip over the pot.  All I can say is that something is going on and it may effect the common citizen, I cannot tell you what, but just be awake, aware, research everything and prepared.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Who better to batter about Fake News than an Independent Reporter?

I just want to say that if anyone has the right to get on a rampage about fake news it is myself due to my background and experience working in the Middle East wars as a female independent journalist.  I have been spurting "fake news" for over a decade.  Of course, I am small and not known anymore at least in America, no one even my family believed/s what I have been saying about what you are being told through mainstream, who owns it, what happens and the consequences of the lies and deceptions that even then I knew would take place....I am talking about my Middle East experience.

On the day of 9-11, I was in Jerusalem.  I had a phone call and she said turn on your TV and then hung up.  I listened to the terminology being used within hours and the increase as time went on.  It was clear, we were going to justify another war.  Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, more terrorism, evil people, enemies, etc.  I am not saying this to minimize those who died in 9-11 and the shock that our country went through.  I am stating what I saw was obvious and from there it was obvious that the towers did not fall down because of a simple airplane on the top floors.  The building was too big for that.  I have seen planes crash into buildings, and they did not crumble, and they were houses, much smaller don't you think?

I went into Iraq, because what good Middle East professional truth telling photojournalist would not? I saw the truth, I reported the truth and was labeled as anti-American, an activist (by editors in America).  Nothing sold in America, but my work sold worldwide everywhere else.  Yes, it was before the increase of propaganda and lies, at the beginning of the decision to go into Iraq.  Later, many other countries joined the club, but the people still wanted the truth and the truth they got.

Yet, I saw firsthand so many lies and truths being ignored by mainstream, you name them, they were there.  And yes, even Reuters and AP, they did not want the story if someone did not die.  No one wanted on the ground real stories, the lives and effects from the war.  

Yes, I went around Iraq, looking for weapons of mass destruction.  I did not find any.  Only confused Iraqi's who were happy to walk on bridges.  Did you see anyone interview the only Catholic Bishop in Baghdad after and American incursion very early in the morning looking for weapons in his church?  Nope.  Never published here in the good ole states.

So if anyone deserves to go on this path during a time when mainstream, who feed the very lies to you for years is saying that WE are fake?  

Problem is, I started before blogging, I did it the old fashioned way before videos were desired and short clips were most viewed.  I did this before You Tube and Blogger and Word Press.  Before these new outlets, one had to have their feet on the ground and know people to get work to survive.  It was not a problem.  Now, it is different and independent news like I know it, where you actually go and talk and walk and investigate and live in an area to get the facts seem to be yesterday.  

But I would say to you, something to consider...Do you get the facts from journalists/independents who scroll online and research the internet for the facts?  No, you do not get on the ground reporting. So in the end, even independent news has been degraded.  It is my firm belief that the only way to get the real news is to be there yourself.  Walking around, interviewing, looking and searching, photographing, writing, typing and more.  This is the only way to get true independent real news.

I wish that I could find a way to get support/jobs from real agencies that would allow me to get back to the world that I knew, that I am good at, that I can do.

Now?  I work at a retail store, evenings and weekends at less that livable wage.
Thanks folks.

Freedom of Speech: The Walls Are Closing In - The David Icke Dot-Connect...

Okay, so in line with "fake news" I had to put this out there folks.  The term fake news that is pointed from mainstream media to the independent agencies/individuals implies that what those outside of the big names are reporting is not real, misrepresented, not fact checked, lies and not to be believed by the general public.  It implies that only the MSM's are authorized and professional enough to be believed by the general public.

However, the term "fake news" towards the independents suffocate the ability to use freedom of speech, say what they will, how they want and talk about what they desire.  (such as I in this blog). How is this suffocating?  Well, Facebook is not doing a "fake news watch" Google, puts everyone down at the bottom of their searches and twitter bans some folks while Google removes advertising and You Tube either deletes them or bans advertising from their channels.

This in turn minimizes any little income someone who is actually trying to be truthful and get the word out, it decreases visibility to possibly get requests to give talks to generate a small income and the donor list decreases because the ability to be visible decreases.

When MSM's say "fake news" they are saying, "We don't want you to talk about those things, or reveal these facts, or change the political arena, generate truth to the populations, i.e. GMO's, (Monsanto) etc...because if you say these things, then we cannot have control of the population and fight our wars and spend trillions!  Okay, I am ranting here.

Point is this:  it is attacking the Freedom of Speech.  Here is another example of the attack on Freedom of Speech.  Not only in America folks, but worldwide.

Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!

Homeless guy spits some truth.

This homeless man speaks truth.  Back to the Crossing Borders Project and a bit of humanity...remember to give, love and smile.

CNN Host: Naked Men in Girl's Locker Room with 12-Year-Olds Should Be Al...

CNN Host, thinks that 12 year old girls should not mind naked men with their penis showing in a girls locker room.  You really want to trust this guy?

100% Video Proof: Bill, Hillary, Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Edwards, etc...

Don't forget...MSM's did NOT fact Check.  Since then, we have spent trillions on war that was not needed and killed at least a million human beings....oh not to mention destroy several countries and displace millions of refugees into Europe which is causing economic collapse.

Hillary Clinton's Superdelegate Corrien Brown Sentenced To 357 Years In ...

This was hidden in mainstream.  I just found it...Fox covered it...but really?  Come On MSM

More current fake news examples...CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc.

Trump - Obama Wire Tapped Trump in Last Month of Campaign, 1530

Here are some of the documents to prove that this occurred.  Just understand that mainstream is not saying all.

Let's see who met with the Russian Ambassador!

Ben Stein Slams CNN, on CNN: You are ‘Hoping to Do’ to Trump ‘What You D...

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Obama Wiretaps Trump Before the Election

This is actually wiretap is a legal process that has to be approved by the courts.  The documents can be found and made public.  Trump did not make this up.  Obama tried two times to get approval and the first time it was denied.  The second time, Obama and his staff, changed the wording to read that the results from the tap would not be private..meaning that mudstream could have some fun and publish the results.

What CNN (Corrupt News Network) is NOT telling you is that the wiretap was done in October, just before the election.  What CNN is NOT telling you is the whole story, slanted and FAKE as usual.  This is their HEADLINE, "Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him". Notice the wording?  Not the reality of "Obama wiretaps Trump before the Election."  Now that headline reflects the truth and the reality.  Head's up people.

Obama Busted! Wire Tapped Trump Tower During Election.

This is an example of Real News...please see my example of Fake news, the CNN clip.  This is real, the other one is fake.  Now what do I mean here?  Fake means, misleading the population with biased headlines "Trump accuses Obama of Wiretapping."  That headline is misleading.  This one is not.  Do you see the difference?  Which way is your mind going to be melted to?  The reality or the lies?

The implications of what Obama did just before the election should be all over the place in the MSM Mudstream Media.  This should be blasted and the Americans should not allow the government leaders to play us like pawns.  Will Mainstream actually blast the truth?  Their record clearly shows that they will not.  So as a result more than 1/2 of the American population will fall into the propaganda lies of deceit, probably go on a rampage, take the lies as hard truth, argue with anyone that actually knows and understands the truth and as we have seen, maybe even beat them up.

Wow.  Talk about molding society into actions based on lies.  Pass this along, both clips to show the difference if anyone wants to really understand how important journalism is.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Trey Gowdy on fake news Jeff Session Russia and Democrat Adam Schiff lyi...

Read previous two posts regarding the issue of Session and the mainstream media attempting to find fault with just about anything.  It seems that this presidential election has upset a ton of people...(why?) and they just won't let know, work together and actually try to solve real American problems.  Augh.  Grow up people.  really.  We all live on the same soil, breathe the same air, have families, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, work at jobs, wealthy, poverty, hungry, like entertainment let's solve our problems.  Here Gowdy is doing really good at not falling into here bait to get him to say what she wants him to say.  He is too smart for that.

"Did Jeff Sessions Talk To Russia?" Sean Spicer Destroys ABC Reporter

You see "fake news" making something out of nothing, digging to manipulate the public view of reality.  Yes, here it is in front of your own eyes, going on each day.  You can also view my previous post.  I am also going to post what Gundy responded.  One needs to know and should know the actual responsibility of a position before reporting like this, fact checking, etc...before throwing a random news story into the air waves.

Ted Cruz dismantles Jeff Sessions Russian ambassador fake new story

SIGH. Changing the story from nothing into something, I guess mainstream is having a difficult time trying to find something wrong with the new administration and the elections so they are grasping for air.  We should not harp on either Dems or Republicans, but harp on the news to stop taking things out of context and start reporting from facts instead of assumptions.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

My Response- PewDiePie and...How news...turns fake

So with my fake news rampage, PewDiePie seriously sits and talks about his experience with...The Wall Street Journal...and how they twist and take stories out of context....This is an example on fake news attacks..getting independents out of work, an individual who is having fun, using free speech, gets falsely misrepresented that actually can destroy someones life.  What?

Now I know PewDiePie, is not an independent news outlet but a comedian.  Wall Street...he tells jokes okay?  Jokes.  Don't take things out of context with jokes?  Can the liberals take jokes anymore or do they have to whine about everything?  Is it because their own lives are miserable that they have to make others lives so miserable?  Is that it?

Anyway, this a a great example of....well....the "real fake news"

CNN Banned From White House Because Of Fake News Like This

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

USA News Is FAKED!! PROOF!! Green screens, CGI & Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!

Great explanation of how mainstream news works.  Don't believe everything that you hear.  One man owns 22 television stations.  The advertisers, etc...tell the news stations what the news is.  It is worth a watch.

How Mainstream Media Fakes The News - Behind The Scenes

Proof TV Media 100% Fake - Fake/Green Screen Compliation (2014)

Carol Costello Apologizes On Air for CNN Lying About Milwaukee Riot Situ...

LIES About Trump's Inauguration Crowds (PROOF)

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinto...

CNN Fake News pt 2 - exposing their lies, bias and half truths

BUSTED! CNN Anderson Cooper CAUGHT PROTECTING #CrookedHillary NO Corrobo...

ABC News Edits Out Refugee Saying He Likes Trump

Bernie Sanders Calls CNN “Fake News” - And His Feed Is Cut Off

CNN FAKE NEWS COMPILATION pt 1 - EXPOSING their lies, fabrications, half...

"This is UNAMERICAN" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump's CNN ban

"This is NOT okay" CNN reacts to being BLOCKED from White House

"CNN is NOT fake news" Shep Smith defends CNN on Fox News

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am going to get on a "fake new" rampage Prepare yourself

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exclusive: CNN Exposed! Caught Producing "State Sponsored News" in Bahrain

And no one ever believed me when I would tell them that I personally watched CNN staged and exaggerated events back in 2003.  It also tells me why mainstream media never really wanted to hire me, because they knew that I only wanted to tell the truth of what I found in my reporting.  No wonder the American mainstream media would not buy anything from me.  Yet, China, Europe and Russia would!

It tells you about the news in America and worldwide broadcasting from the mainstream.

Now, they want to categorize freelancers and "non reporters" no protected by the first amendment. Just remember who is funding mainstream, governments and corporations.

Dianne Feinstein First Amendment Is A Special Privilege

What is a real reporter?  umm.....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Genetically Modified Salmon Research Articles

12 November 2014
Susan Robens-Brannon

It is difficult to find real studies on GM salmon and related issues, here is a start.  Most of the articles were on the activities and effects on the salmon, almost none were found for human or animal consumption health effects.

Links to research articles on GM salmon:

Large Scale escapes Farmed fish;  AquaBounty promises that the salmon will be contained. They grow the fish in Canada and the Canadians are concerned.  Why grow the eggs in Canada, ship the eggs to Panama and then ship the food to America?  An article on how the farmed fish escape into the wild.

Antifreeze protein gene in Atlantic salmonProduction of stable lines of freeze-resistant salmon and other species would greatly facilitate development of sea-pen aquaculture in many regions. We successfully introduced winter flounder AFP genes intoAtlantic salmon.

Growth enhanced transgenetic salmon can be inferior swimmers.

Invasion of transgenes from salmon or other genetically modified organisms into natural environments:

Genetically modified salmon a full impact assessment A review of the impact that the process of regulatory systems ignore.

Evaluation of stress‐and immune‐response biomarkers in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., fed different levels of genetically modified maize (Bt maize), compared...

GM maize and its effects on fish health

Growth rate, body composition and feed digestibility/conversion of growth-enhanced transgenic Atlantic salmon (< i> Salmo salar


Histological, digestive, metabolic, hormonal and some immune factor responses in Atlanticsalmon, Salmo salar L., fed genetically modified soybeans

AM Bakke‐McKellep, EO Koppang… - Journal of fish …, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
... using non-modified, parental line soybeans as the control group are necessary to evaluate
whether genetic modification of soybeans ... 800 g kg −1 RRS and 200 g kg −1 unmodified soybean)
or non-genetically modified soy (nGM ... This diet was analysed and found to be GM-free. ...

[HTML] Objective and subjective knowledge: impacts on consumer demand for genetically modified foods in the United States and the European Union

L House, J Lusk, S Jaeger, WB Traill, M Moore, C Valli… - 2005 -
... (2003b). GM nation? The public debate. ... Worlds apart? The reception of genetically modified foods
in Europe and the US Science, 285, 384-388. ... Consumer perception of food products involving
genetic modification: Results from a qualitative study in four nordic countries. ...

GMO Salmon?

12 November 2014
Susan Robens-Brannon

Are you kidding me?  GMO Salmon? AquaBounty is a company who is modifying the Salmon in Panama out of the eyes of U.S. regulators and wants to ship the finished GMO salmon to the U.S.  Recently AquaBounty was fined for violations in repeated environmental regulations in Panama.  Despite of these atrocities, the FDA is secretly trying to approve the frankenfish for sale in the U.S.

AquaBounty's frankenfish is an Atlantic salmon, spliced with genes from an EEL pout and growth hormone from a Chinook salmon.  The result is an aggressive aggressive salmon that produces growth hormone year-round, grows twice as fast, and consume five times more food than wild salmon.  Introducing these traits into the wild population would be disastrous - and irreversible.

Let's see who is on the board the non-executive director Thomas Kasser spent 20 years at Monsanto, Christine T. St. Clare is director at the Polymer Corp.  Investors are not listed but as those who are directors are shareholders.

Stop GMO Salmon by signing and passing along this does not hurt to keep hounding these guys before our food system spirals out of control.

Informative Videos: You point, GM Animal and notice how the media down plays the process.  It is only common sense.  No GMO labeling in Oregon and several states across America.  I predict that now that the bill did not pass, we will see more GMO products hitting the market.  Has there been studies on the health safety from non interested parties?

How Safe Would Genetically Modified Salmon be?

Frankenfish may be coming to your dinner table

AquaBounty GM Salmon facility in Canada

Genetically Modified Salmon Health Alert

I have an entire section on GMO Salmon videos here  Keep up the good fight, don't give up and quit buying GMO products.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gresham Oregon Police assaulting me for filming drug raid that woke the ...

Military police vehicles used in the middle of the night for a search warrant.  I went from looking at the military vehicles in the Middle East to seeing them here with our local police.  The neighbor who filmed this was arrested for filming.  Our 1st amendment is ignored.  It never made the local news.

This is not normal and it is not okay.  The news should have made a big deal and the people should be protesting this and the militarized vehicles to use against the American people.  We are not the enemy to the police, but watching this makes the police an enemy of me.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Tony Rooke at the Magistrates' Court - BBC TV license

Reference court case against BBC for false reporting on 9/11

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Debate Panel on Israel: Norm Finkelstein & Wolf Blizer 2

Discussion on the Israeli/Palestine conflict video 2 - Notice the propaganda uttered by Wolf Blizer. Most people do not read the historical facts on this conflicts and take news leaders opinions as fact. In this video, Blizer encouraged free democratic elections in Gaza. America supported it, Baker etc...and when that happened and they did not like who was elected the conflict increased.

Debate Panel on Israel: Norman Finkelstein and & Wolf Bilzer

Don’t forget Joel Greenberg, an American Jew who served in the IDF, and later served as Jerusalem Bureau Chief. Certainly no conflict of interest there !! Wolf Blitzer of CNN, who earlier worked at a propagandist for AIPAC. wolf blitzer’s views on israel, he was explicit and far from unbiased:

Another New York Times reporter's son in Israeli army

November 1, 2014

We must remember that most of the news agencies are owned by Jewish families and have dual citizenship when you read the news concerning Israeli/Arab conflicts and commentaries.  One cannot help but have the news slanted.  It would be difficult to be objective.

Yet another reporter for the New York Times has a son in the Israeli Defense Forces. Isabel Kershner, a correspondent in the newspaper’s Jerusalem bureau, says that her son is in training in the army. This is the third time in recent years that a writer who covers the conflict for America’s leading newspaper has a son serving in an army that is regularly accused of human rights abuses. On each of those occasions, an outside publication has disclosed the army service.
We asked Kershner about her son after a tip last week sent Weiss to the 2005 memoir by Kershner’s husband Hirsh Goodman. The book states that Goodman, an immigrant to Israel from South Africa, and Kershner, an immigrant to the country from England, have two boys, who were then 7 and 10. Facebook posts by the older boy showed him in uniform and holding a gun with an army unit in June. Kershner responded directly:
In answer to your questions, yes, my 20-year-old son is currently performing his compulsory military service as a citizen of Israel and as required by law. He has been in training so far. My 17-year-old is still in high school.
- See more at:

Friday, October 31, 2014

15 Harmful Effects of GMO Foods on Your Health

How to Identify G M O Genetically Modified Food @ the Grocery Store

What You Need to Know About GMOs and the GMA

Second Time GMA Sues for Right to Keep Secrets from You

Second Time GMA Sues for Right to Keep Secrets from You

Oregon and Colorado Ready to Fight for GMO Labeling

Vote Yes on 92 in Oregon

Oregon and Colorado Ready to Fight for GMO Labeling

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Autumn Trends Journal" - (10/...

Raw: Small Plane Crashes at Wichita Airport

The building has not fallen down on itself yet...and we do not know if it will.  One would think that if you took a small plane and one small building that in time it will tumble down like the WTC into dust onto itself considering the ratio of fuel and size.  This would be about equal.  Let's keep an eye on this building and see what happens.  Watch how the smoke does not crawl onto the streets but rise.

Unlike the WTC, the smoke crawled along the streets completely destroying something like 1500 cars along the way.  Here, the smoke is just going into the air, like we are used to.  Something to think about and something to remember.  I am sorry for the loss of lives and for their families.

The First Amendment in Five Minutes

Musician Arrested For Playing Protest Song

If you watch the video, the cop recites the musician's rights and that includes the rights for artists to perform at a transit area in NY.  We must stand up for our rights, and not allow the authorities to work against our civil rights as citizens.  However, this policeman was asked by his supervisors to arrest this person.  This puts the policeman in a difficult position.  It is our higher authorities that we must confront.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seeds of Deception full documentary

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Save Safety Net Programs Billions and Help Ensure Businesses Are Doing Their Fair Share | Economic Policy Institute

Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Save Safety Net Programs Billions and Help Ensure Businesses Are Doing Their Fair Share | Economic Policy Institute

Why Are We Using Prisons to Treat the Mentally Ill? • OverCriminalized #...

6 Companies That Profit from the Police State (with Henry Rollins) • BRA...

After watching this watch this video showing an example of what type of criminals the justice system is willing to incarcerate.

How Drone "Signature Strikes" Kill Civilians • Unmanned • BRAVE NEW FILMS

The firing of a drone is based on intel that is not fact checked.  If a group of people are doing jumping jacks then they are considered doing a military exercise.  Cultural differences are not considered, as I have seen when I was on the ground covering the Iraq war.  It is not understood that the tribal protocol is to have meetings to come to agreement on an issue, such as water.  In turn, when intel sees a meeting taking place, they bomb it.  All the tribal leaders are killed, the women who are in the homes cooking and serving tea, the children who are playing in the yards and trees.  All killed.

Nothing is working with this and one wonders why the entire world is mad at America.  One wonders why we have created so many enemies that we cannot know where they will come from.  One wonders why we are considered the enemy.  Not only has America spent trillions of unlimited dollars in war, but we have induced a non countable amount of global deaths.  We put immigrants who are running from their wars into our country for safety and hope into dormitory type living for an unlimited amount of time with less hope.  Drones the new war.

Huge Victory Against Monsanto Revealed

Monday, October 20, 2014

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

Don't forget.  Keep fighting.  China will not allow our food into their country.  Europe will only allow non-GMO foods (this is new, before they did not allow any of our food at all)  Our government allows us to eat this food, without any benefit to the better taste, no better nutrition etc....Now why is that?  Prop 62 Oregon

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Islamophobia and a Challenge to Bill Maher - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asse...

Friday, October 03, 2014

Ebola’s spread to US “inevitable”

This was a while ago.  I want to know why did not the international leaders put a stop to the spread?  Why did not America's leaders set up a plan.  How come no one listens to those who are experts?

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Th...

There are six companies that profit from incarcerations after viewing this video please see this 3 minute video on who they are.  Then you will understand why so many people are put into jail or prisons in America.  America has the highest amount of incarcerations in the developing world.  Including Russia and South America's.

Ex-Gitmo detainee Moazzam Begg released after terror charges dropped

An interview of an ex-gitmo and a witness to the realities of what is really going on inside.  Obama failed with another promise.  He just does not let the news get out.  Why do you think he is working so hard to silence whistle blowers?  If the journalists and whistle blowers are silenced, then no one will know what our government is really doing and then no one will stand up for justice.  Of course we all know that right?

Keiser Report: Minsky Moment in Global Economy (E660)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'UN human rights council is oxymoron' – Netanyahu to UNGA 2014 (FULL SPE...

Susan Robens

He says that they pray for peace, yet he bombs Gaza, steals land and homes, imprisons children.  He uses ISIL as a justification for his actions and says they come from the same poison.  Makes racists comments against Muslims.  All to justify his actions.

Underestimating ISIS: An Indictment of Decades of Failed US Policy in th...

Susan Robens Photography

No more war, no more "boots on the ground".  I cannot believe that we continue to use the same tactics as we have in the past that we know does not work.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

NewsTeam: Trails of Tragedies (E33)

Susan Robens Photography

This is a great newscast, real journalism in getting the stories in real time.  Part is in Gaza and the other part is in the Ukraine covering the MH17 plane Crash of Malaysia Airlines.

I must mention if you pay attention around 17:15 where they show the site of the crash, you will notice a book that is not burned, a stuffed animal that is not burned and other objects.  The black box was found.  Compare that to the crash sites on 9/11.  I am not talking about the one at the WTC where we should have found the real black box, but the other crash sites.  At both sites, you do not see any plane or personal debris.  There are no bodies anywhere in the videos.  Strange huh?  Come on, reality check.  Reality folks, obvious reality.

World Beyond War

Susan Robens Photography

Photojournalists are into the news, we are not just behind the camera but a part of telling the story.

World Beyond War is a non profit organization attempting to change the world out of war.  Their website has a statement for you to sign and commitments to make.  They are going global.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Body of War

Susan Robens Photography
This is truly one of the best docs that I have seen.  Please share this with as many people as you can. This doc reflects the reality of war and expresses the things that I have seen and known and tried to express for a very long time.  It is a story about a war veteran who returned to America.  He is trying to manage his life and his disabilities and become a voice.  My heart goes out to all of the American vets who have given their time and their bodies for our unjust wars.  Many of Americans are deceived and we are being deceived once again.  Our government has prepared a ton of propaganda to prepare the American people to enter into Syria.  Not for justice, but to oust President Assad and to replace him with someone that we want.  Syria is a sovereign country and we have no right to go in and offer more weapons of mass destruction and train others to fight.  As we have done with both Al Qaida and ISIL.  The more bombing, the more enemies that we create.

Just like the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  Has all of Israel's bombings and taking of land and killing of families created peace and justice in the land or has it created more enemies.  The difference between Israel and America is that we cannot create walls to keep our newly created enemies out.

Please watch.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Truth About ISIS & Obama's War Speech

Susan Robens Photography

Talk about the reality of why we are going in Syria and the truth behind this new ever lasting war.  These constant wars cost trillions of dollars and is ongoing to benefit whom?  Not Americans.  These wars endanger the very lives of Americans abroad and who want to do humanitarian work or provide the news.

America's infrastructure cannot withstand and is falling apart while Detroit lacks water.  Students cannot pay for their education, people cannot find jobs while corporate mongrels lobby our congress to pass bills that take away even more taxes from our country for outsourcing, and our people go hungry.  War?  Really?

"U.S. Militarism Brings Chaos": As Obama Plans a War on ISIS, a Call for...

Susan Robens Photography

As we train foreigners and provide weapons for war, we are creating more chaos into the Middle East Region and spending more of our tax money on the Syrian incursion.  I feel that this is likened to our war into Iraq.  Think about it.  Think about the preparation for the acceptance from American's to go yet into another war and destroy another country.  Oh!  So we can rebuild!  Who benefits?  Ask yourself that question.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO)

Friday, September 27, 2013

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Journalism

Editor & Publisher ®

Friday, September 20, 2013

crossing borders project: Poverty, Homelessness, Food Stamps and the Middle Class

crossing borders project: Poverty, Homelessness, Food Stamps and the Middle Class

The house just passed a cut of $38 billion in the food stamp program.  Read some facts about the program and poverty.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Letter to Chuck Todd

In response to Chuck Todd's statement that "It is not his job to point out Republican Lies" regarding Obama Care and the Republican stance. 

 I say really? Is not journalisms responsibility to report the facts and the truth as we investigate them, check them, double fact check and then report those truths to the public and allow THEM to make their own decisions?

 Here is what happened: MSNBC host Chuck Todd said Wednesday that when it comes to misinformation about the new federal health care law, don't expect members of the media to correct the record.

During a segment on "Morning Joe," former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) speculated that most opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been fed erroneous information about the law. Todd said that Republicans "have successfully messaged against it" but he disagrees with those who argue that the media should educate the public on the law. According to Todd, that's President Barack Obama's job. "But more importantly, it would be stuff that Republicans have successfully messaged against it," Todd told Rendell. "They don't repeat the other stuff because they haven't even heard the Democratic message. What I always love is people say, 'Well, it's you folks' fault in the media.' No, it's the President of the United States' fault for not selling it." Chuck Todd is the chief White House Correspondent for NBC News who is viewed by millions of Americans. Yes, Chuck you do have a responsibility for the American public along with your six figure income.

Here is my letter to Chuck:
Dear Mr. Todd,

I have been a reporter for over ten years all over the world.  I am a member of the NPPA and I adhere to sound ethical reporting, proudly.  It is my responsibility to tell the story, the facts from all sides and to allow the readers to make decisions and judgements on their own.  Without those facts, the public is being misled and that is not good journalism.  It denies the public to take a stand on where they feel it is needed, it denies the public true democracy and it misrepresents realities that could very well affect the very lives of many people or a population.

Shame on you negating the ethics of journalism to the American public and all other journalist who work hard to investigate and report top and compelling news to the world.  Shame on you for downgrading journalists responsibility for accountability to thousands of journalism students who look up to people like and and want to be in your shoes one day.  Your statement that it is not your job to point out Republican lies about Obama Care is like saying that there are weapons of mass destruction without ever fact checking before you help to start a war.

Yes, it is your responsibility.  You offer a service and your service is to the American public to report the facts and to point out untruths.  Are you telling journalism students that it is okay to be lazy and unethical in your job?  Are you teaching the future journalist that it is okay to take a majority stance on issues that may even cause millions of people to suffer and to bend under corporate pressure?

That is not true journalism and I am ashamed.  You are not helping your colleagues to gain "trust" to gather stories and in the readership.  These type of comments does not make my job any easier and I say thank you.

You have a greater responsibility than I do, to have integrity in your reporting because so many eyes are on you and on what you say and report.  Society depends on reliable journalism to gather information regarding important issues.  Even the facts on Obama Care where millions of people have the need to be informed.  It is not a case of Republican or Democrat, it is a place of journalism...plain and simple.

Did you loose sight of this?  I wonder and I am mad.
I am not in your position to tell the world what is and what is not although I would like to be and earn your six figure income.  

Did you forget ethical journalism because you got caught up in the power?
I am ashamed and you are making journalism shameful.

Susan Brannon

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