Friday, January 11, 2019

Past #president speeches on# immigration and #southernborder: Is there a d...

Why are the Dems giving Trump such a difficult time?  For decades the past presidents have again and again attempted to solve the illegal immigrant problem, including #Pelosi, #HillaryClinton and #Schumer.  It is all on this video.  Recently #Pelosi said that it is the #Republicans who are holding back the paychecks from the #governmentworkers.  In reality, there are two things:  1). It is the #Democrats who are withholding the paychecks because they are being stiff necked. 2).  How much money has our government spent in the past trying to solve this problem?  Does anyone have the numbers?  I bet in the end, the cost of this #wall will be less than what they have spent for decades without solving the problem.

Oh!  Another thing.  In President #Trumps speech on December 9 and 10th, 2018, he told the reasons "why" in great detail and what the problem really is.  However, Pelosi and Schumer, stood at the "pulpit" like stiff puppets without moving an inch, reading someone else's writing without any reasons why not.  Did you watch there address to the #American people?  I will also put this below.

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