Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Judicial Watch EXCLUSIVE RAW Video: #CaravanMigrants 'From All Over the ...

This is a sad situation.  These people are innocient and have no clue that they are being used as pawns.  Whoever is paying them to come, is cold hearted and does not care about life and the human being.  These people think that they have the opportunity to a better life from joblessness,starvation and violence.  Whoever is paying them (and they say that they get fed, money and water) has an agenda in mind, pre-midterm to try to make Trump look cold and heartless, when it is actually those who organized this is cold and heartless.  #Judicial Watch is out there, they are doing a great job for our nation, and using the legal system to make people accountable.  Please send them a donation for their hard and honest work. #Migrants

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