Tuesday, November 06, 2018

NEW: MORE EVIDENCE of George #Soros Foundation Ties to #StateDepartment

#Soros is using the typical non-profit (get money from nations) trick similar to how corporations are run. #USAID funds international projects by donating money as 'aid' to 'local' non profit organizations. The trick is to run the NGO (non-governmental organization) similar to an international or national business model.  You have a corporation then businesses under that corporation that can be located anywhere worldwide and the money is spread out...like Google does or Apple and the taxes are minimal from the profit. The #OpenSocietyFoundation, is run using the same model.  USAID spending is supposed to be vetted, and non-profits bid on the grant money but as you know...there is corruption everywhere and the 1% knows how to forward their agenda's by not spending a nickle of their own money.  Normally, there are personal and political gains from this type of activity. This is criminal.  Thank you Judicial watch

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