Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hostages and beheading
Susan Brannon July 22
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 21 -" Insurgents said Wednesday that they had kidnapped six more foreign hostages and threatened to behead one every 72 hours unless their employer shut down operations in Iraq." Reports The New York Times by Ian Fisher.

This is a new kind of war we have here Kidnappings, beheading, target bombing by suicide. Reporters are risking their lives by going into the area to report to you what is going on over there. I won't go. I've been there, but I won't go now.
There is good money to be made for Amerian businessmen in Iraq, developing a country and its infastructure is costly but profitable. Is it really worth ones life? Every foreign worker that I met in Baghdad was earning in the three digit bracket. Good income for a years work.
Ian further reports, " Foreigners working for companies employed by the American military have been a frequent target among the dozens of kidnappings in Iraq since April, when violence in Iraq spiked to its highest level."
"We have warned all the countries, companies, businessmen and truck drivers that those who deal with American cowboy occupiers will be targeted by the fires of the mujahedeen," The Associated Press reported. Funny I have a photograph of an Iraqi holding a tabloid cover of Bush, referring to him as a cowboy.
This photo was taken in October of last year. Thus the Americans are now labeled as "cowboys".
The Iraqis, are happy to be free from the dictatorship under Sadam, but they want to earn their own money and build their own country. At least that is what most of the population told me. Now, the civil war has begun, as predicted. Different fractions are now wanting to be in charge, to rule and create thier own Iraq.
Boy have we started a mess. "Here you are once again transporting, goods, weapons and military equipment that backs the United States Army." now the other countries are involved, their soldiers and lives. What is the cost? more on cost..later.... reference article: (

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