Monday, September 20, 2004

We Refuse

We Refuse
In honour of Haggai Matar , Matan Kaminer , Noam Bahat , Shimri Tzameret , and Adam Maor who was released on Monday September 20th, 2004

after having served some two years in military and civilian prisons for refusing to fight in the Israeli occupation army.
We will not maim, we will not kill

It's against our faith, it's against our will

We will stay true to our life's vocation

We will not fight in an army of occupation

Whether you free us or bind us in chains

Our conscience is clear and our resolve remains
We seek not glory, we seek not fame
And refuse that atrocities be done in our name
We will continue to stand for what's true and what's right
But in the occupation army we refuse to fight
Although today we are released from our cell
An entire nation is living in hell
Let Palestinians live free on their land
For this we will struggle, for this we will stand

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