Monday, October 25, 2004

National Lawyers Guild Rights for the Palestinians

National Lawyers Guild Rights for the Palestinians
October 25,2004
Susan Brannon
Another huge victory in our quest for justice for the Palestinian people... The National Lawyers Guild, in its national convention in Alabama (which ends today)... HAS PASSED A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN!!!!! The National Lawyers Guild has consistently supported Palestinian rights, and has done much work in this field.

Their Middle East Subcommittee has sent delegations to Palestine, prepared reports about Israel's violations of international law and human rights, given talks, written op-eds, and even made a documentary film about Israel's aggression against the Palestinian people, called "In The Name of Security."  The film is available at Palestine Online Store and your purchase would certainly help support their work and help fund their upcoming film (about refugees).
In The Name of Security film, at Palestine Online Store: Report by NLG delegation to Palestine "Israel and the Destruction of Palestinian Culture and Civil Society" (PDF, 39 pages) Israel's Wall: An Analysis Of Its Legal Validity Under U.S. and International Law Information sheet condemning Israeli Military (PDF, 2 pages) Report by NLG delegation to Palestine "The Al Aqsa Intifida and Israel's Apartheid: The U.S. Military and Economic Role in the Violation of Palestinian Human Rights" (PDF, 74 pages) NYTimes Op-ed: Palestinians in a State of Siege (March 16, 2001)
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