Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sharon's Latest dilemma

Sharon's Latest dilemma
A Poem - Unknown sent to my email
October 2, 2004
Sharon 's latest dilemma:
How to extricate himself  from Gaza  and still be called "Victory" ?
Failing that impossible feat he would settle for "Honorable Retreat" !
If the first is an impossibility..then the latter alternative is a mockery..

Deep inside the psyche of IDF generals there is some myth called:
"Bringing Palestinians to their knees..."
No need to ask how it came to being?
It is a fact that keeps surfacing...
Given the formidable arsenal of the latest US weaponry in Israel
that "illusion" becomes very tempting & urging to say the least ...
Poor and starving Palestinians Have come to the conclusion 
that no matter what the price will be..

Sharon & IDF will leave Gaza with their tail between their feet...
No doubt this is taking heavy toll among Palestinian civilians..
Saying otherwise would be ignoring facts or putting one's head in the sand...
For the Palestinians it is a historic moment to inflict defeat on Sharon & IDF...
It may sound rather "suicidal" ..but military history is full of such heroic stands ..
Given the "size" of the Israeli military contingent in Gaza ..not to forget the settlements...  
it is always possible for Intifada brave highly motivated fighters to have a good strike... 
that will defeat all attempts by 
Sharon at declaring the withdrawal as a "Victory"..
Palestinians are now re-drafting all known military manuals. 
Soon their achievements will be taught at military academies.

The truth of the matter said in few words:
Palestinians are fighting for their beloved fatherland
Israelis are currently sending their financial assets out...

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