Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jordan Revolution 2011 Summary

The first 2011 Jordanian revolution started on 28th of January and has been ongoing.  There are two parties for the Jordanian conflict, pro King Abdullah and those asking for Samir Rifai to step down as prime minister, against low salaries, unemployment, regressive taxes, inflation.  They want protection for human rights.  The revolution has been through protests and counter protests, where the police need to stand in between the two parties.  As of April 15th, there has been 71 injured civilians, 141 injured policeman and 1 death.
     There have been some results, King Abdullay II has asked Marouf alBakhit to form a new cabinet.  He feels that this reform will put Jordan on the "path to strengthen democracy" and provide the Jordanians with the "dignified life they deserve"
     The university graduates are asking for reform in the government and more freedom giving more power to the people.  They would also like to vote for the Prime minister.Economic and Political Impediments To Middle East Peace: Critical Questions and Alternative Scenarios (International Political Economy)

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