Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Central ( Hong Kong) - The First Two Hours 佔領中環的首二小時

Occupy Hong Kong
15 October 2011
500 protesters gathered outside the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the 15th and about 40 demonstrators slept overnight in a foyer beneath the Asian headquarters of HSBC Holdings Plc.
Armed with tents, bullhorns and a gas-powered generator used to help them recharge their laptops, the protesters occupied the public thoroughfare under the building as about a dozen police stood by.
the territory has experienced growing inequality, insecurity and poverty in recent decades, affecting the educated middle class as well and threatening the ‘Hong Kong Dream’ of increasing prosperity. The UN Development Programme, Hong Kong has the greatest income inequality of any country in the world.
There is a serious lack of affordable housing, with many households spending more than half their disposable income on rent or mortgage payments. People are also being crammed by landlords into unsuitable empty industrial buildings with hardly any living space and poor facilities.

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