Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ex-Senator takes the words out of my mouth

Gravel took the words out of my own mouth.  He is saddened about America, the state of our country and the money we spend on war instead of those who are going hungry in the U.S.  He wonders where are the morals of our leaders today.  With names are on lists, no trials, no reason for arrest is removing the governmental responsibility for their actions. Gravel says,  "Dropping bombs from the air, you don't see them die...but they are down there."  He also feels that, we have lost our sense in our morals and the "ability to govern ourselves.  The US has committed crimes against humanity and continues to this day.  The Bush war in Iraq, was a crime....Obama says, "Oh we don't look back."  Obama has been doing the exact same thing that the Bush administration." 

Did you know that America has ex pulsed over 500,000 people from the U.S. last year (2011).  Have you read this information in the news?  Why has not the media doing their "real" jobs.  This is what I say, the media is responsible to inform the citizens with facts and truths, not propaganda and lies as they have been doing so.  This is an insult to humanity and our intelligence.  The fact of the kicking people out of our country should be on the front page, they also were "Americans".  One day will they do the same thing to you or to me? 

Obama said, that "we are not going to take any money from special interests."  But, he has been, and has received over 1 billion dollars.  (More on that later) The Gravel says that, "Netanyahu is a liar, and Starkozy says this as well. Israel has weapons enough to start a third world war and we should be careful."

Gravel, feels that we need to leave the countries alone and they will take care of themselves.  "Leave them alone."  and get out of all the countries that we are terrorizing.  He adds, " We have lost our democracy, there are no democracies."

A few things that he mentioned in the video, "(World fears US as a war-hungry drunk')

"Corporations have no moral conscious and memory, they are designed to make money.  They should not be in command of society and our countries.  They are in command of society worldwide today. If this continues, then we will lead to the destruction of our planet. You see this today with the meltdown that is taking place.  They are all only to make a profit.  We need to control the corporations and take them out from controlling the countries.  "That is irresponsible corporate activity The people need a tool to control these things and that is the government.  The government is a tool, and if it is properly designed, and in the hands of the people, then the people will have a role of how things are run.  Marcus Sisrol said that, "People are free if they participate in power."  I know of know country in the world today that are really free."
Well said Gravel!


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