Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another...US Embassy Under Siege- Pakistan

Yet another American embassy under attack...see the video below

Hundreds of students from various colleges and educational institutions in Islamabad clashed with police on Thursday as they were being blocked from reaching the embassy.

Students pelted the police with stones, and the police retaliated by firing tear gas shells. 

Several students were injured when policemen hurled the stones back at the crowd.

According to local television channels, several policemen were injured.

"Our policemen are not any better than the Americans because they are trying to stop us. They are in the same league as them, they are heretics like them," said student Jawad Ahmed.

"They should allow us to demolish the American embassy because they have blasphemed against our holy Prophet. The police are also becoming an accomplice of blasphemers."

There were also protests in other parts of Pakistan as well.

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