Thursday, June 06, 2013

Solar Geoengineering? Fancy title for Destruction

7 June 2013

There is a lot of talk lately about chemtrails, geoengineering, climate control, aluminum in our air, breathing toxics, atmospheric science experiments, hurricanes, sun damage, agricultural damage, and more buzz words regarding our atmosphere and the negative effects on our planet.  To become familiar with the realities of what is being said, please view the video posted below and pass it around to as many people as you can.  As long as we sit around and do nothing about the surge of corruption occurring around us by our governments, corporations and appointed leaders they will continue to move forward doing what they will leading the citizens like horses to the empty river.

As in the past of our civilization, greed has taken control and is revered higher than the lives of human beings, our ecosystem, nature and animals.  This time, they are taking their research into our atmosphere and this time the "trickle down theory" really does work.  Chemicals are placed into the air and the chemicals trickle down onto our planet, covering the leaves of the trees, dropping into our clean rivers and finding their way into the lungs of our children and grandparents.

The mainstream media says absolutely nothing about this and  other realities that effects the very lives and health of global citizens.  Do these scientists and political leaders know of a safe place to reside without ingesting the poisons of the air and food?  Surely, they must not want their own children and grandchildren to become victims of these poisons.

This video has clips of scientists talking of their research on camera at conventions and the unknown or possible results.  As most of us, we do not have lots of time to fight, research and find where the money is coming from and who benefits from these programs.  But what we can do is pass the information around in spite of the mainstream media, build petitions, and boycott where ever we can.

Blogger's stats for this blog tells me that I have over 28,000 views each month.  I am asking you to press forward in the area's that hit your button and pass the information around to multiply the action.  If you have comments, post them, share on Facebook, Twitter, your groups in LinkedIn.  Find the petitions and post them here so we can sign.  One cannot take these fights alone it takes a tribe.

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