Saturday, September 27, 2014

NewsTeam: Trails of Tragedies (E33)

Susan Robens Photography

This is a great newscast, real journalism in getting the stories in real time.  Part is in Gaza and the other part is in the Ukraine covering the MH17 plane Crash of Malaysia Airlines.

I must mention if you pay attention around 17:15 where they show the site of the crash, you will notice a book that is not burned, a stuffed animal that is not burned and other objects.  The black box was found.  Compare that to the crash sites on 9/11.  I am not talking about the one at the WTC where we should have found the real black box, but the other crash sites.  At both sites, you do not see any plane or personal debris.  There are no bodies anywhere in the videos.  Strange huh?  Come on, reality check.  Reality folks, obvious reality.

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