Sunday, March 05, 2017

Freedom of Speech: The Walls Are Closing In - The David Icke Dot-Connect...

Okay, so in line with "fake news" I had to put this out there folks.  The term fake news that is pointed from mainstream media to the independent agencies/individuals implies that what those outside of the big names are reporting is not real, misrepresented, not fact checked, lies and not to be believed by the general public.  It implies that only the MSM's are authorized and professional enough to be believed by the general public.

However, the term "fake news" towards the independents suffocate the ability to use freedom of speech, say what they will, how they want and talk about what they desire.  (such as I in this blog). How is this suffocating?  Well, Facebook is not doing a "fake news watch" Google, puts everyone down at the bottom of their searches and twitter bans some folks while Google removes advertising and You Tube either deletes them or bans advertising from their channels.

This in turn minimizes any little income someone who is actually trying to be truthful and get the word out, it decreases visibility to possibly get requests to give talks to generate a small income and the donor list decreases because the ability to be visible decreases.

When MSM's say "fake news" they are saying, "We don't want you to talk about those things, or reveal these facts, or change the political arena, generate truth to the populations, i.e. GMO's, (Monsanto) etc...because if you say these things, then we cannot have control of the population and fight our wars and spend trillions!  Okay, I am ranting here.

Point is this:  it is attacking the Freedom of Speech.  Here is another example of the attack on Freedom of Speech.  Not only in America folks, but worldwide.

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