Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Real War, It Has Begun, The War on Propaganda

Bikini Island, Freedom of Navigation, The War on Propaganda.
This is a different kind of war, technology, a war on the minds, a war to control and a war to tell lies.
The War on Propaganda.

I have to say something here to all of you that know me.  Back in the days during my photojournalism life in the Middle East, I would come to America and talk about the propaganda lies that you all are being fed, the untruths and the attempt to control your mind from the realities that were taking place.  The weapons of mass destruction, the killing of Osama Bin-Laden, The destruction and murder of millions of lives around truths that were not real.

People looked at me like I was crazy, no one really cared, everyone running around with their busy lives doing this and that while in the meantime billions were getting spent on something that was not real.  I know, I was there and the truth punched me in the face.  I could not remain silent.

The true war is not bombs, it is propaganda to justify the bombs.

I was called an activist, not photojournalist by American editors and pushed out of the mainstream media light, mocked and laughed at by corrupt journalists. Yet, there were some outlets that would publish my images and articles, all of them were outside of America on foreign soil.  When I would get discouraged, some stranger from somewhere out there would send an email, to encourage me to keep pushing forward and as a result, I would once again stand up and continue.  Although so many times, I felt like the voiceless voice of truth.  The speaker of untold stories. (the title of the book I am working on).

All these years, it has been a struggle for me morally, and economically.  I have had death threats while those in my country laughed at my face, rolled their eyes and looked at me like I was looney.

This is what happens to those who stand up for justice, even Martin Luther King was murdered for this.  This is how it is for those who stand up to moral values.  These are the people who should stand tall, look up and take firm steps.  I want to encourage those who stand for justice, the reporters that have no names, the ones that spend their entire lifetime yelling from the mountain tops to those who just might hear. As long as there is still a place that exists for using free speech we must continue to make use of it.  Don't give up!

Finally, a journalist gives a talk at a  university that allowed him to speak (in a different country of course) In this video, he says it like it is.  I encourage you to listen.

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