Friday, May 26, 2017

Angry Mother Exposes Dead Daughter's Pic Being Used In Manchester Event

This is really interesting.  Someone who was murdered 4 years ago is pictured as one of the people who were killed in England this last week.  Below this video are links to the news agencies who posted images of the mother's daughter and articles about this.

I know that it is difficult to say one way or another, but this seems suspicious. I do not like to think that this type of fake news is actually going on and that there are other things behind closed doors.  But I have found other articles with other terrorist events, and parents speaking out on the same issue, I have also seen where there has been the same victim for two different terrorist events.

I know that when I was photojournalist in Israel, I observed CNN setting up news that occurred but they exaggerated and twisted the events.  I also know that the Russian mafia did some of the Tel Aviv bombings at bars, but Israel reported it as a Palestinian suicide bomber.  These events I witnessed.

So, to take the story a bit deeper, I would not put it past the governments at be, to do something like this as well.  Although, I really would hate the aspect that I even need to consider this as real and true. It is almost too much for my brain.

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