Monday, September 18, 2017

A Dire Warning About The Iphone X

Guys, this is real, what we used to call conspiracy, is now a reality.  Spy #iphone software, facial reading.  You can still pay $1000 for the phone and disable with a panic button the added face recognition features.  Did you hear about the #Facebook news research project?  Testing your emotions with news articles, without you knowing it?  humm.  In a way, I wish that I did not have to use this technology to manage in my own life, work, live and play.  

Life is not private anymore like in posting this video to inform the public about the things that I feel we should know and be aware about.  Yes, people look and see who you are, judge you or not based on your postings.  Okay, that is understandable,  but what if they don’t agree with you lose you job?  Of course, without really knowing why.  These actions through #iphones, #smartphones, #TV’s, #Cable, #cameraseerywhere #Facebook infringes on our privacy, develops insecurities with our opinions, movements, and yes, going to a protest.
When are we going to make this stop?

How?  I say, hurt them where the pocket is, we do have a voice and if we #stopusingFacebook #StopusingGoogle #stopbuyingiphones maybe they will think twice.

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