Monday, October 30, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting Aftermath Image

You can see that the lights are on and there are bodies just laying out there unattended and all alone.  I am not saying that these are not people who were killed however, if someone in my group was shot and laying on the ground, you bet I would be next to them to ensure proper care.  I would also hope that my friends or family would do the same thing for me.  I can include the fact that it is possible that these people ran away to feel safer.  Yet, this image was taken clearly way after the shooting had stopped.  In that case, I find it strange that the people did not start going back to be near those that were shot.  There is absolutely not a soul standing around out in that field.  There are only a few near the fence, with what "seems" like they are attending someone that is injured.  There are no police, there are not any firemen, EMT's....nada.
To me, this is both strange and very sad.  To be left alone in a field like that totally ignored and forgotten.  It is impossible to know by standing a distance if any of those people may still alive, but cannot move because of their injuries.  Why were there not more people assisting? Something is not right.

If this is the world we live in then we are in deep trouble.  After a horrible situation as this, I would have thought that the entire city would have come out to assist once the shooting had stopped.  It reminds me of people just walking over bodies laying on the sidewalk and not stopping to ensure that they are okay.  This has happened several times and it took hours to find out that someone had died from a heart attack or stroke.  People just step over the bodies stereotyping one thing or another, not wanting to lend a helping had.  This image makes me very sad.

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