Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Israeli `Death Squad' Kill Ten Palestinians including an 11-year-old

Israeli `Death Squad' Kill Ten Palestinians including an 11-year-old
Girl in West Bank Cities
September 15, 2004

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and
Democracy (MIFTAH) is seriously alarmed at the continuation of
Israel's policy of political assassinations and extra-judicial
killings against prominent Palestinian personalities, activists,
political figures and civilians.
In Nablus Israeli troops surrounded an apartment building citing the
rounding up of `wanted men' as the reason for their military
incursion into the city. Israeli troops started off by firing a
missile into the apartment building killing all five `wanted men',
then proceeded to blowup the building atop of the dead bodies
destroying all the apartments, home to many, now homeless, families
which lost not only their homes but also their belongings without
prior warning. As the troops were driving their military vehicles in
the old city of Nablus they fired randomly at residents killing an
11-year-old girl and wounding at least six others.

In Jenin an Israeli Special Forces unit, `death squad', dressed up
as Arabs invaded the city of Jenin killing four Palestinian members
of the AlAqsa Brigades in a clear provocative act of escalation of
violence against an already battered West Bank city. Amongst the
four victims were two brothers cowardly killed by the Israeli
special unit.

Names of the nine Palestinians extra judicially assassinated and the
11-year-old girl killed in Nablus by Israeli troops today: Nadir
IlAswad, Hani IlAqad, Mohammad Mirei, Abdel Haleem Salem, Milhim Abu
Jameeleh and 11-year-old Maram Nahleh in Nablus . In Jenin the four
are: Fadi Zakarneh, his brother Fawaz Zakarneh, Ibraheem Mahmoud and
Mo'az Iqtate.

Israel 's escalation is aiming to provoke and enhance violence and
retaliation attacks. Sharon's government and `Defense Minister'
should be held responsible for the deaths of innocent Palestinians
and Israelis which is a direct result of freehand policy not holding
Israel responsible for daily war crimes committed against captive
Palestinians living under occupation.

MIFTAH urges the international community, particularly through the
established international legal mechanisms, to hold Israel fully
accountable for such acts of terror. Israel 's campaign of political
assassinations and extra-judicial killings must be halted and dealt
with as a crime against the Palestinian people, and against humanity
at large.

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