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Merck, Hillerman, Vaccines and Children - U.S.A.

Susan Brannon
8 May 2012
Over a year ago, I wrote an article on the Swine Flu vaccine and have kept it in the back-burner of my mind. In November 2011, I became a proud new grandmother and while I was ooing and ahhing over the cute little bundle, California passed a new law that I was unaware of the California parents loosing their rights to decide for their children if they can receive vaccines or not. In the midst of my ecstasy, my own grandson was receiving vaccines.

In fact, he received a few vaccines only a few hours after he was born. The vaccines involved in California are not just any vaccines but those involved in sexuality (and thus fertility) focused vaccines. Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law despite the appeal of parents in California. Gardasil and Hepatitis B vaccine are two vaccines that 12 year old children may now "consent" to and both are Merck products.

Yes, it is hard for a parent to decide, should I or shouldn't I give my child these vaccines?" When one reads all the corruption that occurs in the pharmaceutical companies along with the knowledge that they release contaminated vaccines, then one really must wonder about these companies...our government, and our public health. Unfortunately, I am concerned over the "Nazi style propaganda" that is going on these days concerning vaccines. Is it really a "bad parent" and a person who does not care for the overall public health of our nation to refuse vaccines for their children? Are these parents really ignorant and believing "conspiracy theories" when they decide not to give the vaccines to their children? Not to mention the ridicule and rejection in schools they receive, the dirty looks from physicians and other parents who were socially aligned for the good of all and public health. Is this really the division between Aryan and non Aryan? Did we forget what happened in our past? Did we forget the experiments that the Nazis did to the Jewish women?

The worlds largest vaccine distributor, researcher, and developer is the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Let's look at some of the company's history. "Records show the Merck pharmaceutical company received a major share of the Nazi "flight capital" at the close of World War II when its president, George W. Merck, was America's biological weapons industry director. These facts were revealed by Norman Covert, Army public relations director at Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD, and veteran news correspondent Paul Manning in his book "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile" (Lyle Stuart, Inc, 1981)." (see: Nazi connections to Allopathy)

For Jewish families who lost sons because of AIDS, it may be of interest that the vaccine chief at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, admitted that Merck's Hepatitis B vaccine caused the AIDS epidemic in the US because the vaccines were contaminated with a monkey virus. (He also said that all Merck's vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses.) Dr. Hillerman gave an interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability–the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide."

Dr. Maurice Hillerman, while working at Merck discovered that the polio vaccine was contaminated that was being tested in Russia at the time. In his interview he states that all vaccines have some type of virus in them and that , "Yellow Fever vaccine had leukemia in it." Dr. Hillerman went to a meeting to explain his findings and said, "However, this virus has long term effects, I just had a feeling." He was asked what those long term effects were and Dr Maurice replied, "Cancer". Following his finding, there was not a press release or report given to the public regarding this discovery, the vaccine was not pulled from the shelves and continued in their testing stage in Russia. Later, the press exploded with news regarding the success of the polio vaccine. The American people fled to their doctors to receive this vaccine, trusting in the ethics of science and our government for public health protection. Who would have thought that such a respectable company would and could release something that would harm our nations public health?

Dr. Hillerman realized that the cancer virus was called SV40, He said, "It was good science at the time, because it was what you did. The next thing you know, three weeks after that we found that there were tumors in these hamsters."

FACT: Before the Polio Vaccine, there had never been a virus from another species deliberately injected into humans.
FACT: 61% of all human tumors (at autopsy) now contain the SV40 monkey virus, which is traceable to the Polio Vaccine of the 1950s and 1960s.

If these things could happen in the past, then who is to say that they do not happen now? Dr. Larry Palevsky, a board certified New York pediatrician, routinely gave vaccines to his patients for ten years until he noticed them losing eye contact. He then began looking into the vaccines he had blindly trusted, and found that they are ALL contaminated with viruses that are so small they can never be removed. He no longer gives any vaccines, and now treats his young patients for autism and other neurological injuries from vaccines.

Merck, Gardasil and our government knows that the vaccines are contaminated, then why are the Americans forced to give these vaccines to their children? (see also: (Truth about Gardasil, and your lawyer) Perhaps the highest scientific authority saying vaccines are contaminated is Garth Nicolson. He is a cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. He is one of the most cited scientists in the world, having published over 600 medical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, edited over 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals. Nicolson is not just saying that vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma, but is also warning the US that they are. He goes even further, and says that we are being damaged by them and contracting chronic degenerative diseases.

The number of vaccines that the American children are receiving increased with time:
1980: 9 vaccines, autism is rare
2009: 36 vaccines before age 5
2010: 55 vaccines before age 6

It is a fact that The US government has conceded that the Hepatitis B Vaccine causes Lupus – and it has also been associated with MS – but it is still mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth! All the vaccines mandated to children and many other vaccines as well, including the seasonal flu vaccines being mandated to health care workers, are contaminated with Polysorbate 80, the central ingredient in a pharmaceutical industry patent to damage fertility. The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of of seeking a vaccine that would covertly sterilize whole populations.

The Gardasil Vaccine (HPV) is to protect from two types of HPV, HPV 16 and 18 that cause 70% of cervical cancers, 80% of anal cancers, 60% of vaginal cancers, and 40% of vulvar cancers. This vaccine contains GMO's that alters peoples DNA just like it does with our crops. India suspended Gardasil after 4 girls died, but the killing has gone on in the US – despite the confirmed deaths of over 100 girls. Furthermore, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) – with special ties to Merck – now wants ALL boys to take it too!

Official Adverse Reaction Data for Gardasil – up to 12th August, 2011:
Deaths = 103
Life Threatening = 444
Disabled = 763
Abnormal Pap Smear = 430
Cervical Dysplasia = 157
Cervical Cancer = 41
Emergency Room Visit = 9,115
Hospitalized = 2307
Extended Hospital Stay = 201
Adverse Events = 23,388
Serious = 3,111
Did Not Recover = 4,777
But these figures are based on statistics from medical professionals who do not wish to be sued. In reality, less than 10% of all deaths, seizures, paralysis, etc., are being reported as being caused by the vaccinations that doctors gave their patients.

The following real-world estimates are based on reports from the legal firm Monheit Law:
840 girls and 2 boys have died after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.
201,010 girls have suffered debilitating events such as fatigue, seizures, paralysis, etc., after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.

Under the California law, children will be the ones decide whether to take the vaccines, and they will make that decision after being forced to see videos of people dying terrible deaths from cancer. Not only would the vaccine be given without parental consent, but parents are denied knowledge that the vaccine is going to be given, or that it was given. If the child has a seizure, or dies afterward, parents cannot even see their own child’s medical records!

It should be left to every parent to decide for their children regarding health concerns such as this. It is the parents responsibility and not the governments responsibility to decide what is right for the child. Our policies should put the control back into our hands, not take them away.

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