Monday, May 07, 2012

Truth Monsanto GMO Corn Seeds - USA

Patent seeds, Monsanto sues farmers, (144) sued so far. This does not include those who have been threatened, and became scared and did whatever Monsanto wanted them to do. They also sued against farmers who did not want anything to do with GMO seeds. Monsanto sued farmers, who became contaminated with seeds that blew into their farms from nearby farms. Congress passed a law the declaratory judgment act; allows a person who believe that they may get sued, go to court first, to get a ruling from a judge that you are not doing anything wrong. Farmers filed a declaratory judgment against Monsanto, regarding seed contamination in their fields. They wrote a letter to Monsanto informing them about the judgment requesting a letter that they would not be sued for contamination. The judgment, did not ask for money, just a peace of mind. They did not write a letter. Rule on patent law, is only usable if it is socially useful. For example, an invention to poison the people is not patentable. Therefore, patents on GMOs is not patentable, because of scientifically evidence. In the long term it is injurious to public society. A law firm, filed a request that Monsanto's seeds are not patentable.

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