Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Drone "Signature Strikes" Kill Civilians • Unmanned • BRAVE NEW FILMS

The firing of a drone is based on intel that is not fact checked.  If a group of people are doing jumping jacks then they are considered doing a military exercise.  Cultural differences are not considered, as I have seen when I was on the ground covering the Iraq war.  It is not understood that the tribal protocol is to have meetings to come to agreement on an issue, such as water.  In turn, when intel sees a meeting taking place, they bomb it.  All the tribal leaders are killed, the women who are in the homes cooking and serving tea, the children who are playing in the yards and trees.  All killed.

Nothing is working with this and one wonders why the entire world is mad at America.  One wonders why we have created so many enemies that we cannot know where they will come from.  One wonders why we are considered the enemy.  Not only has America spent trillions of unlimited dollars in war, but we have induced a non countable amount of global deaths.  We put immigrants who are running from their wars into our country for safety and hope into dormitory type living for an unlimited amount of time with less hope.  Drones the new war.

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