Friday, October 06, 2017

Five in Ten 10/5/17: Facebook and Russia

Okay, #Russia linked political advertisements on #Facebook totaled around $50,000.  The statement is that this said $50,000 tilted the presidential election towards #Trump with its much in fact, that Trump won.  Whereas, #Hillary okay...get this...I will repeat..#Hillay spent. umm how much for her campaign?  Well, she spent $1.2 BILLion on her campaign.

Not to mention that the statement says Russian influenced...this could mean a Russian American immigrant..possibly?

So, this means that #Facebook has so much influence on the #American people it influenced them to vote for #Trump over #Hillary with $50,000 in advertisements compared to $1.2 BILLION using television, mainstream influence, Facebook (yes, she advertised on Facebook also)  Oh, if we could all change the world with $50,000!

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