Wednesday, September 01, 2004

American Administration Behavior in Iraq is...

American Admin Behavior in Iraq is childish and irresponsible!
A letter from a person living in Iraq (Unedited)

The Am Admin proved to be working in Iraq like a group of childish
minded unstable group of teen gangesters.

The dissolution of the Iraqi army upon the occupation..

The dissolution of the Iraqi police upon the occupation

The dissolution of all the Iraqi government establishments which were
employing 85% of the workforce in Iraq

The inhuman treatment to the Iraqi citizens

The hurridly performed random emprisoning of people. Any one who was
present near a conflict would be imprisoned.

The endless trials to establish conflicts betwen Iraqis. It could
work good in Africa, or elsewhere, but it did not work in Iraq. It
just caused more troubles to the occupants

The Bombing of houses and streets by war planes to destroy any site
that is reported to cause problems. This is a simple job that should
be carried by police.

The propaganda titles like the "Sunni Triangle", never made any
credit to the occupants.

All these childish actions and more, caused more scorn of the Iraqis
to American occupants.

The Abu Ghirab events was in fact an end to any good relations with
the occupants.

The unwise behavior of the Americans in Iraq is going from bad to
worse. And all this is causing severe damages to the Iraqi people
and country. On the other hand it is causing deep wounds to some
American members and families, and it is also ruining any
possibility of establishing any good relations between the two
nations in the future.

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