Friday, September 03, 2004

A year ago this month..

A year ago this month..
Sept, 3 2004
Susan Brannon

The child was named as Abd A Salam Sumrin by Ramallah hospital director
Hosni Atari, who said he had been shot through the chest by a heavy
machine-gun bullet fired by a tank Thursday. The boy's mother, Wafiqa, said
her husband had sent him to a nearby grocery to buy cigarettes. She said
five minutes after her son left the house, someone came to tell her he had
been shot.

Palestinian police said there were no clashes reported in the area at the
time, and said witnesses had said it was an armoured personnel carrier which
fired on the child. The police said an Israeli army curfew was in place at
the time, but said there appeared to be no other motive for the shooting.

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