Friday, September 03, 2004

Pacifism in the Palestinian case is...

Pacifism in the Palestinian case is
>  total surrender and voluntary Palestinian transfer
> Dear Friends
> We have some who call them selves "Palestinians",
> but they condemn other Palestinians who are well
> aware that the problem is that the ball is in the
> Zionist side of the field, and they don't compromise
> even though they are the invaders and the
> oppressors. They want all of Palestine without its
> Palestinian Arab indigenous population. They don't
> compromise to keep at least one square inch for the
> Palestinian Arab land, in their claimed "promised
> land". They invaded Palestine thousands of years ago
> and on this pretext, and the myth of a divine order
> to execute every soul on the Palestinian land, which
> they are repeating today.
> If there are  rejectionists on the Palestinian
> arena, they are the Zionist racialist, and we don't
> claim that every Jew is a Zionist. Some Jew are
> fighting for Palestinian rights.
> Even though I am not Moslem, and I don't agree with
> fundamentalist ideas as being secular, and believe
> in the separation between nationalism and religion
> (the church/mosque and the state), but we cannot but
> recognize the contribution that such organizations,
> namely Hamas, to counter Zionist aims of trying to
> force total submission on not only the Palestinians,
> but all the Arabs.
> Palestinians have been fighting against Zionist
> terrorism for over six decades and half, and that is
> what stops in the face of the Zionist aim of to
> complete the transfer of every Palestinian from his
> land. There are too many examples in history that
> prove that national armed resistance against very
> strong occupiers cannot but win. To name some are:
> French resistance against Nazi occupation, Algerian
> resistance against French occupation, Vietnamese
> resistance against French and American occupation,
> South Yemeni resistance against French occupation,
> Egyptian resistance against Israeli/French/British
> occupation in 1956........................ and
> presently Iraqi resistance against the American led
> coalition occupation, The Lebanese resistance
> against Zionist occupation starting with Beirut and
> almost ending with south Lebanon............ and
> don't forget Palestinian resistance which is not
> submitting to the Zionist aim of imposing total
> Palestinian submission and exodus!!!
> Pacifism against racism don't work.
> There are ex-Palestinians who voluntarily quit their
> land and want the rest to follow them!!!
> Adib S. Kawar

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