Monday, July 16, 2012

The great American Election

This election is serious this time around while things are falling apart all around us and worldwide.  We need to be as informed as possible regarding those who are running, before we elect them to run our country.  Imagine 4 years of someone who is known to lie to the public even before they are elected; imagine what they will be able to lie to us about later.  Imagine the future condition of our country if someone who cannot be open and honest runs this country.

We are in a time where the rubber meets the road and every single person who can vote should go out and vote.  No excuses.  I understand that Obama has let us down in many ways, but we must remember what the state of our country was in when he came in and the known snowballing of the things that Bush had already put into action just before he left office.  

In reality, things are actually simple but on a larger scale for the economy in America.  If a person looses their job and gets behind on their bills, it takes about 6 months for every month that they get behind to catch up.  This is an average.  Image this situation on a larger scale, the American economy:  to fix things it takes longer and it does not all fall into Obama's lap.  Get real on this.  Corporations have lost their social responsibility to the people of America by cutting health benefit costs in the billions by hiring more part time workers and less full time workers denying the worker any assistance in benefits.  We put less in the system because our income in lower and the corporations pay less into the system as well.  

It is not our presidents alone that can solve this, it is also those who run the corporations.  Most of these corporations can afford to have full time workers, but chose not to because they can get away with it.  Most of these corporations deposit billions of dollars into foreign banks as a tax cut, because they can all at the Americans expense.

It is time for us to say "enough" and stand up boycott those corporations, no matter how much we "like" their services that they offer and walk away.  We need to walk away from the banks that took advantage of the American people promising them homes that they could not afford, robbing each and every one of us for this time and for our future.  

It is where the money is, that hurts the corporations and don't fool yourselves.  They really don't care.  But we must care and take action to stand up and stop putting money in their pockets.

Research your leaders and vote, write letters, sign petitions, and write some more, make calls and move your money out of the companies that are known to rob the American people.

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