Thursday, March 02, 2017

My Response- PewDiePie and...How news...turns fake

So with my fake news rampage, PewDiePie seriously sits and talks about his experience with...The Wall Street Journal...and how they twist and take stories out of context....This is an example on fake news attacks..getting independents out of work, an individual who is having fun, using free speech, gets falsely misrepresented that actually can destroy someones life.  What?

Now I know PewDiePie, is not an independent news outlet but a comedian.  Wall Street...he tells jokes okay?  Jokes.  Don't take things out of context with jokes?  Can the liberals take jokes anymore or do they have to whine about everything?  Is it because their own lives are miserable that they have to make others lives so miserable?  Is that it?

Anyway, this a a great example of....well....the "real fake news"

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