Saturday, March 04, 2017

Obama Wiretaps Trump Before the Election

This is actually wiretap is a legal process that has to be approved by the courts.  The documents can be found and made public.  Trump did not make this up.  Obama tried two times to get approval and the first time it was denied.  The second time, Obama and his staff, changed the wording to read that the results from the tap would not be private..meaning that mudstream could have some fun and publish the results.

What CNN (Corrupt News Network) is NOT telling you is that the wiretap was done in October, just before the election.  What CNN is NOT telling you is the whole story, slanted and FAKE as usual.  This is their HEADLINE, "Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him". Notice the wording?  Not the reality of "Obama wiretaps Trump before the Election."  Now that headline reflects the truth and the reality.  Head's up people.

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