Saturday, March 04, 2017

Obama Busted! Wire Tapped Trump Tower During Election.

This is an example of Real News...please see my example of Fake news, the CNN clip.  This is real, the other one is fake.  Now what do I mean here?  Fake means, misleading the population with biased headlines "Trump accuses Obama of Wiretapping."  That headline is misleading.  This one is not.  Do you see the difference?  Which way is your mind going to be melted to?  The reality or the lies?

The implications of what Obama did just before the election should be all over the place in the MSM Mudstream Media.  This should be blasted and the Americans should not allow the government leaders to play us like pawns.  Will Mainstream actually blast the truth?  Their record clearly shows that they will not.  So as a result more than 1/2 of the American population will fall into the propaganda lies of deceit, probably go on a rampage, take the lies as hard truth, argue with anyone that actually knows and understands the truth and as we have seen, maybe even beat them up.

Wow.  Talk about molding society into actions based on lies.  Pass this along, both clips to show the difference if anyone wants to really understand how important journalism is.

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