Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gunshot Wound To The Leg Surgery At Shock Trauma and #Campos

So just to remind you, I was at war...working in conflict zones, as a photographer.  I've seen it all.  Looking at the videos, something does not seem right.  So, here is my take:  there were crisis actors (yes, they are used) and...remind you...and..real shooters.  I posted this video to show you the actual trauma from getting shot in the leg.  Campos, the security guard was shot in the leg.  remember?  First after the shooting in Las Vegas and second, before the shooting in Las Vegas by six minutes.

When Campos was shot in the leg (by 200 bullets...mind you) he waited a few days (?) to get treated.  Really? One bullet can cause a ton of loss of blood, to the point of passing out and becoming life threatening within 10 minutes.  Within days, he received a hero's award and a week later disappeared, then re appeared and was interviewed on the Ellen show..and exclusive one time only...for ever...interview.  yep.  He gained around 35 to 40 pounds after the award and was walking fine, skin tone healthy and must have bought contact lenses.  Sitting next to Campos was his "friend" the engineer, who was shot in the back.  They are both sitting upright, talking, looking calm and without any pain.  Ellen, near the end of her interview remembered to pull out the tissue as a for though to offer to Campos because remember he is traumatized and will never again do another interview to the public.  He needs to heal.  He looked fine and Ellen tapped him to take the tissue, he followed along.

Please see my previous video posting on this.

Mainstream Media, interviewed a few people in the hospital a few days after being shot.  Their skin color was also glowing, smiles without any emergency medical equipment in the room...yep.  actors?  They are dubbing you.  Real gunshot wounds are not easy to repair, the bullet shatters upon impact.  The pieces spread throughout the area and normally several surgeries are required to remove all the pieces.  Most of the time, infection breaks out from the hospital and surgery which complicates the issue even more.  Normally, when over 500 people are injured, a few more will die.  None did, the death toll remained the same.

So, this is a video of a gunshot wound in the leg..  Remember the videos that are online, does anyone look like they have been shot?  I know what some were shot and some were killed..however, something seems wrong with main "actors".   It was a mix, actors and real shooters.  Paddox was a patsy, I firmly believe, the images show plantings of the guns in the room neatly placed inside so when the photographer would take an image of the door...the gun would be there.  Paddox's gun was above his head you know, the one that he killed himself with.  Since when does someones arms fly upwards after shooting themselves in the mouth?  Everything drops, like gravity the gun would be near his body.  And the gun located over his right foot?  How can someone shoot themselves and fall down dead and later put a gun over the foot?

In the end, it is obvious that we will never know the truth and the reality of this horrible shooting.  People were traumatized no doubt, people were killed no doubt but who did it and why?  I think that story goes deeper than we can imagine....more to come...

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