Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Raw Footage Shooting Las Vegas People at Bus Stop Below Shooter

this entire video is strange:  1st there has already been shooting in Vegas to the concert:  These people are filming in the middle of the shooting and the police are already driving around.  1) at 1:48 the girl talks about how she can see the glass falling from the hotel (the shooting has already been going on...) 2) they are smiling and making jokes 3) The bus was allowed to drive on the street to drop and pick people up. 4) there are two "last single shots" a person cannot kill themselves with two shots in the mouth.  5) they say they saw the muzzle flashes.  6) no video so far, shows any flashes or broken windows during the shooting...zooming, slowing down, etc..

Something is not right here.  Notice that they know the script:  glass falling; shooting at the event; sounds like firecrackers; shooting from upper part of the hotel.  one guy is standing and filming in the middle of the shooting without a concern at all.

I think that Paddock did not do the shooting; I think that it is highly possible they had crisis actors (like maybe these guys) running around in the middle of a true event, that went wrong to confuse people even more.  I know that people were actually shot and killed and this is what makes the entire thing really sad.  We don't trust what the authorities are telling us because it does not make sense.

The security guard was shot 6 minutes before the shooting, so they say and yet when you listen to the police dispatch reports, it is not clear where the shooting came from/is coming from they are still trying to locate the position...yet the security guard was shot before the shooting with 200 rounds?

If you listen carefully to the shots in this video, you can hear shooting closer to where they are and then a pause and shooting that is farther away.  Anyway.  I don't trust this official report from the FBI and others.  I am worried that there is a cover up.

Maybe these "actors" really thought that it was all fake and this is why they are not scared.  They thought they were playing a situational stage and did not realize that it was real.

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