Thursday, October 19, 2017


This video has a photo comparison:  When Campos received a hero award a week ago, and how he appears on Ellen.  In one week Campos gained umm I don't know 35 or more pounds?  Doesn't need his glasses..okay so he can wear contacts for the show.  Bill Still below gives some really sound analysis on this one and only interview in his lifetime of Campos.  This is it folks.  and no more Campos...the key witness for a hideous crime.

Sorry folks...already the video was removed...let me try again..below this video: (October 27, 2017) I must say that I am seeing more and more censorship on both GlueTube and Google than ever before. I've been doing this for a very long time (15 years?) and have never seen anything like this.  I do not make any money from this, for it is a "post war journalism" outlet for me and the importance to share with other the things that I research and discover.  It is not all for myself, but for public integrity, truth and reality, sticking up for our nation, the people, our water, our food and more.  Propaganda has been evident for a very long time, I know since the 1930's it is not new.  We just need to keep providing information as much as we can to counter the propaganda that is in our faces on a daily basis.

I would rather know the facts and the reality in events.  Wouldn't you want to understand what really happened for horrible crimes such as the Las Vegas shooting?  If we know what really happened, then we will know how to help for it NOT to happen again.  However, it has become evident to myself, that money is what talks, money is what makes our laws, money is what has the power and lives really do not matter it seems.  This is not new of course, this too has been going on for a long time.  But most of us were not alive in the 30's, so we must continue to educate others so we can all wake up and not slumber allowing our lives and rights to slowly drift away.  (That's my venting for the day!)

Being that censorship is increasing, I have to spend more of my time reviewing previous posts to "update" with new material...if any.  I've added more videos below

The analysis was removed below:

The interview below:

A commentary below:

I think Glue-Tube removed most of the analysis videos (27 Oct 2017) Here is something close that I found:

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