Saturday, April 08, 2017

Analysis of the American Missile Attack on Syria


Dear President Trump,

Regarding to Foreign Policy:
I am saddened by our recent strike in Syria. I disagree that this is for protection of America, this conflict is on foreign soil, not ours.  I am speaking from a person who served 10 years (non military) in the ME as a photojournalist/reporter, humanitarian worker with a master in conflict analysis.  Please do not pull our sentimental strings on this recent chemical attack as justification for us to spend money that we do not have to go into another country with feet on the ground diving into another endless war.
What did Assad have to gain by launching a chemical attack on his own citizens?  Nothing, because he knows the last thing that he needed to do when other countries are staring him down was to provoke  conflict with US, Britain, etc...  He is not a stupid man.  Where did the reporting come from regarding this attack? The doctor was a part of a group connected to the kidnapping of the British reporter, tweeted at the same time, videoing men with white helmets directly touching victims without protection and an Assad hating man released images. The nerve agent used will immediately kill those who come in contact within one minute of exposure, they need a gloves,  gas masks and no one was harmed without protection?  Hello?
You talk about fake news and propaganda, but where are your intelligent advisors?  This seems to be a story written for the dumbing of Americans.  This is a time warp situation, from 2003, to justify the evasion.  You could have been Blair or Bush.  Either the situation was created (beautiful babies? really?) to be a problem emotional reaction, solution.  My question to you is who benefits?  My conclusion is the benefit is to remove Assad from control and take over the country.  No one waited before we went in, to investigate the attack.  We do not know the delivery system of the attack, the principle is don't let too long go before response, because the chance to respond will get destroyed.
I now believe that you are also controlled by the same people Hillary was, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya were countries on her list. We were lied to once (Iraq) now it is the same.  I voted for you.  If this is not true,  then please, send me to DC and  let me speak to your generals.  Let me be on your advising team as an American citizen to offer a different perspective from those who have been in key positions for a long time. I speak four languages, worked in international mediation.

Thank you.

My additional take:

Nothing has changed, the same countries named the same situation.  Syria is a proxy war.  A British official admitted that two years ago that there were preparing something in Syria through the invasion of rebels. This is  before it all started, before the connection to Israel.  November 30, 2010, one month before the Arab Spring, US warfare unconventional warfare strategy requires that target state population perceptions are first grouped into accepting an armed interaction using propaganda, political psychological evidence to discredit the government creating local and national agitation, helping organize boycotts, public strikes and protests. to suggest public discontent before public propaganda, money, weapons and materials are brought in.  If the target country responds through retaliation then the resistance can exploit the negative consequences to garner more sympathy and support by the population emphasizing the sacrificing and hardships on the behalf of the people to use that for our benefit.

Putin could see where this was going before the U.S. election that they were not trying to remove ISIS from the Middle East and from Syria, because the idea was to use ISIS that America created was a way to get rid of Assad. (remember the loss of trillions of dollars in the pentagon?) If Putin did not give air support to Assad, then Assad would be gone by now.  The place would be overrun by Saudi funded, American ISIS madmen.  With the help of Putin's army, Assad has been able to push back these funded ISIS terrorists taking back Allepo and pushing back Palmyra.  The civil war has gone on for over 5 years where half the country has been destroyed.

The plan to remove Assad did not work with Putin being successful, the oil executives said for the first time that removing Assad would not be a prerequisite for solving the problem in Syria.  In turn, this Syrian gas attack, based on no evidence, has been used quickly to justify the incursion into Syria.

So now, where does that leave Russia and China?  The prize country or next country will be Iran.  If Syria goes as a result of this hoax then Iran and then Lebanon will be next.  Putin has called off the attack as unjustified, as he is right.  Remember how our mainstream media started talking about Russia lately, demonizing them as the enemy is all part of the strategy.

A side note:  This is a good example of how the public is duped by propaganda and fake news.  Mainstream reporters gets the daily telly, and if they question what they are reading then they are ridiculed by their peers.  This is arrogance and ignorance to transform global society into justification of power.

Think about the recent censorship going on with You Tube, Twitter and the tickers for Google news.  Think about how Germany is going to fine hate speech with 5 million in fines for social media.
The original plan? He did not let Russia know.

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