Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dead Shopping malls.

Think about the economical ramifications of the malls closing. sigh. A few days ago I read that Sears, K-Mart and JC Penny's are closing a ton of stores throughout the U.S. and over 10,000 jobs will be lost. Once they close, the other smaller stores will follow in these malls and more jobs will be lost.  

Many of those who lost their jobs in 2008, have not been able to find jobs similar to the ones they had before and many went to work in minimum wage retail along with high school and college students. Where are these workers going to go? Where are they going to work? Our country is falling fast. The closing of the malls is due to technology and shopping online. Shopping online is not the same as store shopping.

Oh the hassle, it never is what you thought that it was going to be, it never fits how you hoped, or does not look good on you. The colors are different, you have no idea of the fabric, what type and what percentage. It is hard to find out where the garment or item was made (maybe you ban products from China), then if it does not go well, you have to box it up, go to the PO and ship it back, hoping for credit to hit your account so you can try again.

I hate shopping online. I like the personal touch, talking to a human and giving a smile. I like trying the item on, feeling the fabric and making sure that the white blouse is not see through. I like walking in a variety of shoes because who knows if one will feel better than the other? I like looking at the computers to decide which one I want to purchase and get that tech geek to guide me through the new technology....without having to google through 10 sites, getting different opinions, answers, reviews, some are trolled, some comments are paid for to increase visibility.

Dead Shopping Malls. My uncle designed the first shopping mall over 40 years ago in California. It was a big hit, it was one of those outdoor ones. Then he designed an enclosed mall for colder regions. I was so proud for him! He made a killing, financially and he would be sad to see what is happening now. I am sad to see that Sears, oh good ole Sears with good quality at normal prices...closing? Wow.

Did those that shop online understand that they were participating in the closing of hundreds of businesses and aiding the loss of jobs? Did any city mayor that allowed Wal-Mart into their neighborhood understand what they were doing to their community, living wages and small businesses?

I saw this when more and more started to shop online. It slowly crept into our brains of "how time saving" it is.

I am going to miss the "teas", the lunches with my shopping friends and happy hour after. I am going to miss the memories of shopping with my mom, taking me out of school for a mom and daughter shopping day. Will you?

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