Saturday, April 08, 2017

Iran and Russia Response to American Missile attack on Syria

What others are saying: an analysis. Of course this becomes a stand off, Russia feels threatened by our actions and lack of communication (respect) with Russia to let them know what is going on. It is like when you are an aid agency in another country and you go in and do stuff without collaborating with other aid agencies and the local governments about what you are planning to do. Isn't there an etiquette in wars that are on other soil when a new country decides to get involved? Imagine that America is having positive results on the ground in a country and another country decides to come in and just do whatever they want using military power, sticking their nose in your face. Would you not be a bit irritate? Here are some videos that are not on our mainstream news. Attacks are a Lie: US Can't Aim Russia Halts Deal

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