Monday, April 03, 2017

Disturbing Message To All Americans From Ex Defense Minister Of Canada

I stumbled onto this video recorded last March 2016 by Ex defense minister Paul T Hellyer.  He is respected and seems to want to get some things off of his chest.  Listen to him.  We have been dumbed down for a long time in our media and by our government(s).  The "fake news" continues for example, the "fire" that was started by three helpless, no name, no resources, homeless people was able to collapse a steel and cement bridge on a major highway in Atlanta I-85.  Really?

I am hoping that you have learned enough in school that a fire cannot collapse a major bridge like this one.  For these highways, semi's filled with fuel may topple over and blow up...they are made to withstand possible events on the highway.  So, if a semi loaded with fuel falls off the bridge and blows up below that bridge, the bridge would NOT collapse.  A simple fire, started by targeted homeless did NOT start that fire.  A fine example of lies told to the American public by all major news stations.

I bet the next thing is that they will start a major round up for all homeless people and put them somewhere for fear of being careless and causing another collapsed bridge.

I think that it is time to get ready folks, wake up, save seeds, store up water, something.


Mr. Paul T Hellyer is telling the truth here.  Please listen.

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