Saturday, November 15, 2003

Wa'el 17 month old baby in Israeli Prison

Wa'el Taha is 17-months old. His mother, Mirvat Taha, gave birth to him in prison.
Since then, Wa'el never left the prison, where he spend the majority of his time
with her mother in her tiny prison cell which she shares with 6 fellow female prisoners.

Wa'el is showing signs of delayed physical and cognitive development due to the fact
that the Israelis refuse to provide him with food more nutritious than that which they offer
to the rest of the prisoners. Nor is Wa'il allowed to have any toys, which as we all know
are essential for child development. Nor is Wa'il allowed extra time outside the cell.
In short, Wa'el is being treated exactly the way the rest of the prisoners are being treated.
Lately, Wa'el has been having long crying fits. His mother and the rest of the prisoners are certain that
his crying is due to feeling confined as well s to boredom.
"Here we shall stay. Do your worst!
If we get thirsty, we'll squeeze the rocks.
If we get hungry, we'll eat dirt.