Sunday, March 26, 2017


Pudie Pie, computer game jokester, censored from you tube?  He does not talk about politics...but is far right?  Really...they call it extremist videos.  You know like the one I just posted about Hillary wanting to a penis. and the videos that go along with that are not extremist.

Anyone who hints on challenging leftist ideology, should be removed...but the ISIS videos?  Oh!  They can stay.  They use restricted mode on You Tube, that removes all the videos....but CNN, CBS, MSNBC etc...on restricted mode videos stay.  The attempt is to demotivating everyone to make videos, keeping them from telling the truth.  hum?  You don't call this censorship?  If not, tell me why.

Hillary Caught On Tape Proposing Rigging Election - FULL AUDIO

there you go, real news.  The Jewish Press, released a tape, where Hillary said that they should make sure who wins in the Palestinian election, back when she was running in NY.

Did this make mainstream news?  Answer?....NO of course not.

Pilot Films - Chemtrail Tankers - Air To Air Video

Still don't believe?  What Mainstream is not telling you, nor investigating.

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP And Weather Manipulation

Chemtrails explained.  you know guys, they are real.  does anyone remember the skies of the past?  This is the new norm to those who were not alive, nor ever looked up in the skies.

CNN Investigates: Is Trump Afraid of Stairs? BIG NEWS

Oh My!  Big News!  CNN really?


Amazing CNN and MSNBC interviewing the same person Live at the same time!  Wow. You still believe Fake mainstream news?  really?  tell me why.