Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Rothschild, Tel Aviv, Israel. 15/10/11

Occupy brussel - 15 oktober 2011

Occupy the City London 2011

Occupy London 15 October 2011

Occupy Central ( Hong Kong) - The First Two Hours 佔領中環的首二小時

Occupy Hong Kong
15 October 2011
500 protesters gathered outside the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the 15th and about 40 demonstrators slept overnight in a foyer beneath the Asian headquarters of HSBC Holdings Plc.
Armed with tents, bullhorns and a gas-powered generator used to help them recharge their laptops, the protesters occupied the public thoroughfare under the building as about a dozen police stood by.
the territory has experienced growing inequality, insecurity and poverty in recent decades, affecting the educated middle class as well and threatening the ‘Hong Kong Dream’ of increasing prosperity. The UN Development Programme, Hong Kong has the greatest income inequality of any country in the world.
There is a serious lack of affordable housing, with many households spending more than half their disposable income on rent or mortgage payments. People are also being crammed by landlords into unsuitable empty industrial buildings with hardly any living space and poor facilities.

spanish revolution- the people united will never be defeated

Puerta del sol, kilometro cero. Como en un acto de justicia poética... en el kilometro cero de España comienza la historia... La victoria, si la victoria, compañeros tiene nombre de mujer...será por eso que hay que buscarla, saber donde esta, ir en su búsqueda... qué movimiento más interesante... donde termina esto? eso es lo bonito de esto...cesar

Puerta del Sol 2011 Protests, Madrid #acampadasol M-20

Occupy Madrid 15-20th October 2011
Madrid started their protest on the 15th of October and continues. This video was taken a few minutes before midnight, when the protests were to be declared illegal by the Spanish government.

Thousands of people still occupy Madrid's main square, Puerta del Sol, after several days of protest about the government's poor political engagement with the electorate.

It is being referred to as the beginning of a movement in a country that has a youth unemployment rate of up to 45%.

Spain holds regional and municipal elections this Sunday, and campaigners want to be part of the political debate, saying their voices are not being heard.

The occupation of Madrid's Sol, and the centers of 50 other Spanish towns and cities.

5000+ people in front of european central bank EZB - 15.10.2011 #occupyf...

Occupy Frankfurt 15 October 2011
Occupy Frankfurt started with an estimated 200 protesters staking out tents and pickets around the giant Euro sign by the headquarters of the European Central Bank since the weekend. Their ranks swelled to an estimated 6,000. Critics can easily point to the ECB’s move to prop up ailing euro-zone lenders with liquidity and bond-buying operations as a sign that public money is being used to improve the lot of banks and bankers rather than regular citizens.

What are they upset about in Germany?

Consider a few statistics for youth unemployment, which at 9.7% for 2010 in Germany was among the lowest of more than 30 countries measured by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In the U.S., the jobless rate for 15- to 24-year-olds during the same period was nearly twice as high at 18.4%, and reached 41.6% in Spain. What’s more, few young Germans are saddled by the kind of student loans and other debt often cited by US protesters as a source for their discontent.

German economic expectations fell to a three-year low in October on fears the euro-zone debt crisis is driving Europe’s largest economy into a recession.

Fight & Chaos: First video of 'Occupy Rome' rally turning violent

Occupy Rome Oct 15, 2011

It was one of the few violent outbursts as protests took to the streets in over 950 cities in 82 countries globally. As of 7 PM local time in London, police began cracking down on protesters in the UK capital.

Back in Rome, streets were largely deserted by 8 PM, after police used tear gas and violence against demonstrators after a handful of the Italian protesters, disgusted with the current economic situation facing the country, turned toward banks and local shops, destroying a number of shopfronts and wreaking havoc on the city.

Among the grievances facing Italians are high unemployment, political paralysis and 60 billion euros of austerity measures that have raised taxes and the cost of health care.

“We are struggling to find a way to survive,” added the young activist.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he would have none of the protests. He said in a statement that those responsible for Saturday’s violence would be punished, calling the rioting “a very worrying sign for civil society … They must be condemned by everyone without reservation.”

Seventy were injured due to the violence, forty of those where police. Some Italians feel that there were people paid to start the violence to make the protesters look bad and justify the attacks on the activists.