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Iraq: Million marchers tell US get out of Iraq by end of 2011 or else

27 Arrested at DC Protest Against U.S. Militarization in Latin America

Amazing video of Wisconsin protests

Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Labor Protests: "America Is Not Broke"

Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Labor Protests: "America Is Not Broke"

Europe protests while America sleeps

America: you are resistance REVOLUTION 2011

An American Revolution 2011

The Second American Revolution Has Begun

Syrian revolution,Hama Massacre..wmv

‪The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد‬.mp4

Iran Revolution 2011 Summary

Susan Brannon
Italy- 1 May 2011 Iran's demonstrations started on 14th of February and  continued on a daily basis until April 18th.  (as of April 27th)  The demands are to oust President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, against violations of human rights, and against the alleged electoral fraud during the 2009 elections.
     The protesters used demonstrations, strikes, online activism, civil disobedience and civil resistance.
      The government used plain-clothed militia, live ammunition, tear gas, beatings, arrests, media and internet censorship.
      So far there have been 18 deaths, 91 injuries and 1,534 protesters arrested.
      The demonstrations started to spread throughout the Arab world after the success of the Tunisian successful revolution that ousted President Zine El Abjdine Ben Ali on 14th of January 2011.  Thereafter Egypt started their revolution with success by removing the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on the 11th of February 2011.
     Iran was the next country to organize a revolution.  On the 9th of February different opposition groups requested permission to protest and the request was refused.  This was followed by crackdowns against the opposition activists and members of the parties.
     The leaders set a date for 14 February, but the day before, two opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi were placed under house arrest and denied access to telephones and the internet.  In spite of their arrest, the demonstration moved forward in Tehran's Azadi Square, the reported numbers of people vary from thousands and up.
    Reports of tens of thousands throughout Iran and Tehran gathered to be heard.  While the protests were taking place the local news channels were reporting that everything was quiet and peaceful.  The foreign media office was sent a letter in Tehran warning that the bureaus would be shut down and their reporters deported if they wrote negative articles surrounding the protests.
     The opposition parties decided to make every Tuesday demonstration day until their demands were met, which were followed by sit-ins, strikes, and boycotts.
     On 11th of March, 11 foreign correspondents were deported from the country.
Capitalism and Revolution in Iran (Middle East series)

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Djibouti Revolution 2011 Summary

Susan Brannon
May 1, 2011 - Italy- The demonstrations started in Djibouti on the 3rd of February and have seemed to quiet down since 11th of March.  The demonstrators objective was to remove president Ismail Omar Gulleh, political and social reform and freedom. There are at least two known deaths and it is not known the amount injured or missing.
     At the beginning of the demonstrations around 300 people protested peacefully they vowed to remain on the site in Djibouti City until their demands were met.  However, the demonstration grew to approximately 30,000 protesters by the 18th of February which escalated into clashes with police where at least two people were killed and many injured from the use of tear gas and live ammunition.
     On the 19th of February the protest leaders were arrested and other protest was planned for the 11th of March.  No other protests have occurred since.
Stopover At Djibouti

Bahrain Revolution Summary 2011

Susan Brannon
1 May 2011
The Bahrain ConspiracyThe demonstrations started in Bahrain on 14-17th of February.  They are protesting against, corruption, unemployment, slow pace of democratization, and discrimination against the Shias.
     They are asking for the Resignation of King Hamad, to rewrite the Constitution, stop the economic and human rights violations, deportation of the foreign mercenaries, for liberalism and democracy, fair elections and freedom.
     They are using the tactics of civil resistance and demonstrations.  There are so far (April 26th) 36 deaths, 100 persons mission, 1000 or more wounded, 828 arrested and 835 job layoffs.
     The protests have been ongoing, on a weekly and daily basis throughout the country.
      The government has been blocking the internet and media as a tool to stop the protests in response.  They blocked a Facbook group that was set up to organize protests and several bloggers were arrested prior to th 6th of February.  When the Gulf Cooperation Council forces left the country, the government increased the arrests of Shia Muslims, cyber activists, with more than 300 detained or missing.
     Google Earth has been blocked for showing locations of the ruling family's estates which the government feels to have stirred up the situation.  The Bahraini authorities stopped the publication of the Alwasat, the main opposition newspaper, and blocked the website until April 4th.  However, on April 6th more than 1,000 workers were laid off, and most of them where Shia.
     The police response has been violent, against the protesters, including beatings, denial of medical attention, and intimidation.
The Bahrain Conspiracy

Azerbaijani Revolution 2011 Summary

Susan Brannon

Italy- 1 May 2011-The Protests started in Azerbaijani on the 11th of March, 2011. They are protesting against corruption, unemployment, low wages, political differences, and political repression.  Their demands are for democratic reforms, release of political prisoners, and the  resignation of President Ilham Aliyev and Prime Minister Artur Rasizade.
     The demonstrators use Civil resistance, demonstrations, hunger strikes, and online activism.
     The Azerbaijani government has been responding with a security crackdown, by dispersing the protests and arresting many of the demonstrators.   The youth organized many of the demonstrations on Facebook for the March protests.  Protests have been occurring in Baku, Gambar and other towns.
    The protests continue but not as many people show up as in neighboring Armenia possibly because only 80% of the population use the internet compared to the internet usage in Armenia. 

Algeria Revolution 2011

Susan Brannon
1 May 2011, Italy - The Algerian revolution started on the 20th of January 2011 and continued until the 15th of April.
     The demonstrations were in various cities in Algeria with concerns over the infrastructure, unemployment, poor education, poor health care and to demand more freedom and democracy. The marches were not given approval by the government, but the demonstrations continued almost on a daily baisis throughout the country.
     The demands were different in each city, demand for more airtime for political parties, better educations for the university students, 1000 people demanded housing, others wanted water, public lighting, bumps to slow down drivers and gas connections to their towns.
     They protested by marching, blocking roads, burning tires, self-immolation, and demonstrations.
     On the 22nd of January, 20,000 police officers stopped the protests killing 5 people and injuring 800 others.  On the 23rd of January two opposition groups demanded for the release of the arrested protesters.
     On the 12th of February, the blocked all entry points into Algiers but a few thousand forced their way through but clashed in May First square with 30,000 police.
     The marches continue but the Algerians have not been able to control the square.  As a result, the government lowered the price of food and removed the 19 year state of emergency while promising to alleviate unemployment.
A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962 (New York Review Books Classics)

Armenia Revolution

Susan Brannon
26 April 2011 -The Armenian revolution started on 18 of February and continued until 8th of April.  The protesters were wanting freedom from political repression, corruption, unemployment, low wages, legitimacy of the 2008 presidential election, and were against the street trading ban.
They asked for democratic reforms, release of political prisoners, resignation of the government, early general elections, legalize street trading, and investigation into crimes against opposition members.  (Those where were protesting)
They protested by means of, civil resistance, demonstrations, hunger strikes, online activism and sit-ins.
     They were granted the relaxation of free assembly restrictions, investigation into crimes against the opposition members, and were promised judicial reforms.
     On 8th April, the police actually stood aside and allowed the political rally and 12,000 Armenians attended to listen to a speech given by Ter-Petrossian in Freedom square in violation of an official ban.  The government promised an "objective inquiry" into the post election violence in 2008 by the 28th of April and gave permanent legal right to demonstrate in Freedom square.
     A common theme with the Middle East revolutions is the use of Facebook and Twitter, to set up the dates, times and places of the demonstrations.  In Armenia, they started a website called the "Revolutionary Forum" as a discussion board .
Martyred Armenia

Former CIA Agent's Message to America - WATCH NOW

America: Detached From Reality

We're Talking About a Revolution

Iraqتظاهرات بغداد ساحة التحرير 18 آذار

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Iraq Revolution 2011 ( Hello to Libya )

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Iran Shiraz 21 March 2011

Ayda - Song for Freedom (Original)

Iran Revolution 23 Feb 2011

Manifestations et heurts à Djibouti 18-2-2011

Vive la révolution djiboutienne

Anti-government rallies hit Djibouti

Inside Story - Crushing Libya's revolt

مسيرة الوفاء للشهداءThousands of bahraini protesters 22-02-2011

Bahrain: sitra city 14-02-2011 سترة

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Bahrain Protest March 11th 2011

Protest March in Dublin 27-11-2010

Out in Force: 300,000 to march in London anti-cuts protest

Police Arrest Over 100 In Azerbaijan Protests [MIRROR]

'More than 70' arrested in Azerbaijani provinces of Iran - 2 April 2011

[ALGERIA] Algerian Demonstrations Stopped by Police, 13/02/2011

Armenian protesters call on government to go

Ministers quit Tunisia unity govt as protests continue

Revolution in Algeria Over Food Prices and Unemployment Jan 2011

Algiers Protest 12 02 2011

YEMEN: 'Day of Rage' draws Yemeni protesters onto streets

YEMEN: Day of rage ((Yemen revolution)) 3 February 2011..

Yemen Revolution حان تغيير النظام ياشباب اليمن اناشيد يمنية

ثــــوره الشبـــــاب اليــــمني Yemeni revolution

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Dramatic video as thousands clash with Egypt riot police in Cairo

Uprising egypt - the true story

Egyptian police run away from protesters in cairo

اروع مشهد ستراه عيناك فى مصر روووعه EGYPT

Amazing: Egyptian Uprising

Tunisia Riots - Protests -State of emergency - Ben Ali left for Saudi Ar...

Tunis الجيش يطارد ميليشيات الحزب الحاكمBefore the revolution [video] ...

Tunisia in turmoil after uprising

Immigrazione Lampedusa - Italia ( i continui sbarchi dei migranti)

Lampedusa and Immigrants

Within weeks 7 thousand immigrants from Tunisa arrived on the small island and Lampedusa has become a refugee camp in the open.  Many of the Tunisians speak Italian very well.  They hoped to use the island as a bridge to enter into other EU countries.  A lot of the immigrants have not eaten for days, and Amnesty International reports that there are lots of children without their parents.
Italy has since, divided the immigrants into different regions of Italy and shipped some of them back to Tunisia. 

Lampedusa, campo profughi a cielo aperto