Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bahrain Revolution Summary 2011

Susan Brannon
1 May 2011
The Bahrain ConspiracyThe demonstrations started in Bahrain on 14-17th of February.  They are protesting against, corruption, unemployment, slow pace of democratization, and discrimination against the Shias.
     They are asking for the Resignation of King Hamad, to rewrite the Constitution, stop the economic and human rights violations, deportation of the foreign mercenaries, for liberalism and democracy, fair elections and freedom.
     They are using the tactics of civil resistance and demonstrations.  There are so far (April 26th) 36 deaths, 100 persons mission, 1000 or more wounded, 828 arrested and 835 job layoffs.
     The protests have been ongoing, on a weekly and daily basis throughout the country.
      The government has been blocking the internet and media as a tool to stop the protests in response.  They blocked a Facbook group that was set up to organize protests and several bloggers were arrested prior to th 6th of February.  When the Gulf Cooperation Council forces left the country, the government increased the arrests of Shia Muslims, cyber activists, with more than 300 detained or missing.
     Google Earth has been blocked for showing locations of the ruling family's estates which the government feels to have stirred up the situation.  The Bahraini authorities stopped the publication of the Alwasat, the main opposition newspaper, and blocked the website until April 4th.  However, on April 6th more than 1,000 workers were laid off, and most of them where Shia.
     The police response has been violent, against the protesters, including beatings, denial of medical attention, and intimidation.
The Bahrain Conspiracy

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