Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Djibouti Revolution 2011 Summary

Susan Brannon
May 1, 2011 - Italy- The demonstrations started in Djibouti on the 3rd of February and have seemed to quiet down since 11th of March.  The demonstrators objective was to remove president Ismail Omar Gulleh, political and social reform and freedom. There are at least two known deaths and it is not known the amount injured or missing.
     At the beginning of the demonstrations around 300 people protested peacefully they vowed to remain on the site in Djibouti City until their demands were met.  However, the demonstration grew to approximately 30,000 protesters by the 18th of February which escalated into clashes with police where at least two people were killed and many injured from the use of tear gas and live ammunition.
     On the 19th of February the protest leaders were arrested and other protest was planned for the 11th of March.  No other protests have occurred since.
Stopover At Djibouti

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