Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Armenia Revolution

Susan Brannon
26 April 2011 -The Armenian revolution started on 18 of February and continued until 8th of April.  The protesters were wanting freedom from political repression, corruption, unemployment, low wages, legitimacy of the 2008 presidential election, and were against the street trading ban.
They asked for democratic reforms, release of political prisoners, resignation of the government, early general elections, legalize street trading, and investigation into crimes against opposition members.  (Those where were protesting)
They protested by means of, civil resistance, demonstrations, hunger strikes, online activism and sit-ins.
     They were granted the relaxation of free assembly restrictions, investigation into crimes against the opposition members, and were promised judicial reforms.
     On 8th April, the police actually stood aside and allowed the political rally and 12,000 Armenians attended to listen to a speech given by Ter-Petrossian in Freedom square in violation of an official ban.  The government promised an "objective inquiry" into the post election violence in 2008 by the 28th of April and gave permanent legal right to demonstrate in Freedom square.
     A common theme with the Middle East revolutions is the use of Facebook and Twitter, to set up the dates, times and places of the demonstrations.  In Armenia, they started a website called the "Revolutionary Forum" as a discussion board .
Martyred Armenia

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